Monday, May 9, 2016

Just another manic monday

Well, still on Chapt 11 on Sands.

Haven't worked the story at all this last week. I need to get into gear if I want it finished by the end of this month.

I didn't take my computer in to be looked at. My finances were not able to stretch this month so I'll have to wait. It's working well enough for now.

Both my books seem to be up in the springfield-greene county library system.

For the toll coin in Water I think the roman numeral will stand for burial site. I need to look up some greek and latin phrases and words for the rest of the coin unless I'm going to make up a language to use.

All these ideas swirling around in my head. 2 books out, a third on its way but the 10 still in my head is just making it difficult to concentrate on just one book. I need to get Sands done so I can get going on Water and Tail.

I played around on canva and did a cover for Tail. 

What do you think? Does the pix look close to dragon scales?
I wanted to do the cover a bit different from my Elemental series. I like the way it looks but I'm not sure about the pix but it was the only one that came close to dragon scales.
So I now have the covers for Sands, Water, and Tail.  I just need to get them written. :)

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