Monday, April 11, 2016

Manic Monday Sale

$ 1 off Sale Today

If you buy my new book Fire Walker on Kindle today you get a dollar off the regular price!

At the book signing Saturday, I only sold one of my new books but I got to talk to a few poeple. So exposure is good. I forgot my camera so I don't have pix.

I wrote a paragraph in Sands and I plan to get back into my regular schedule of writing this week. I need to get Sands done so I can move onto Water. About 10,000 more words and I should be done with Sands if I stick to the 25,000 I originally planned. But being a pantser that doesn't always work. :)

My friend Trav is working on his dragon story. He wrote and published a dragon book years ago but wasn't satisfied with it so he is writing another. I worked on Tail while he wrote on his story then and he went ahead and published his while I abandoned mine for awhile since I didn't like how mine was going. Now we're both digging into dragon stories again. :)

Two books down and 10 more to go to get the first batch of stories out of my head.  Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Aether,Sands, Flames, Waters, Tail, one more dragon book, and two sci-fi books. My brain is sooooo crowded. :)

At least they are only parts and pieces right now. I don't think I could fit 10 whole books in my head at once. I'd explode!  :)

Once I write--and finish--a book most of it deletes itself from my brain. I remember the premise but I don't remember details which is why I do bibles for my books so I can look up stuff. Because as I said I don't think I could have that many books in my brain and function.

So 10 more to go and I'm done with this batch. But once I get back to inputing my books in to the computer again I'll get a whole new batch and start all over again. :)

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