Monday, March 21, 2016

Manic Monday Status update

I got Fire's proof.

We're having someone go through it to make sure we caught at least most of the errors. No book is 100% free of errors but hopefully we are close. :)

I hit 1000 pages read this week on Kindle Unlimited. That's the most I've had.

Only 3 Kindle sold and still no reviews on Fire.

Don't forget that on April 9 at the Library Center we're having a book signing from 11am to 2pm.

I still haven't written anything in Sands. However the confrontation is percolating in my brain so when I sit down and write I think it will just flow right on out. At least I hope it does. :)

May 31 is still the deadline I set for Sands. I want to have it done and out before the end of the year as well as having Water done by Jano. 

Flames and Tail are next up to be worked on during Jano 2017.

I'm also still putting my story ideas/chapters into my computer in case I want to work on one of them during a case of writer's block. I have over 30 already in but have lots more. However that's taking a long time as I can't seem to not edit what I put in. I have put a few of the dragon ideas in, some of my sci-fi, and a couple of fantasy. I also have a werewolf story.  At the momment I've slowed down even more on putting them in and am mostly just organizing/editing them because I do have the tendence to want to edit and work on them while I put them in my computer.

I need to finish the Elemental series first, then move on to my dragon books.  My sci-fi ideas need some re-writes and they are mostly from my teen years. I do have two sci-fi that I have lined up to work on once my Elemental books are done. They concern nanites and super computers.

My Voice and Deadly series are the ones that I keep coming back to though and I dream about dragons a lot. So they are what I want to get done first.

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