Monday, March 14, 2016

Another manic monday update

Fire Walker has landed!


37 people took advantage of my free book offer this weekend. Hopefully, they'll put reviews on Amazon and get hooked enough to buy my second book. I think it's better than the first.

986 pages have been read on Kindle Unlimited. Part of those were with my first book.

Sunday Earth Reader was #384 in the kindle store under paranormal & urban. Yes!

As you can see I made a change with the book links. I replaced the link to my first book with one that takes you to the amazon page that lists both my books and added a link to my second book. 

The hard cover version of Fire should be out by March 25 or 28th. I haven't got the proofs yet.

Don't forget that if you're going to be in Springfield April 9 that Springfield Writer's Guild is having a book signing at the Library Center 11am-2pm. 18 of us are going to have tables there and look forward to seeing you readers there.

I haven't written the confrontation yet in Sands. Things just keep coming up to interrupt writing time. I'll get it done soon though 'cause I'm thinking over other parts of the story and can't get to them until this is done. 

I'm setting myself a deadline of May 31 to get Sands finished. I want to get back to Water so I can get it done by the end of the year. Sands brings up some background for both characters as well as some for vampire-human relations. Once Sands is done I plan to publish it before the year is over.

For 2017, I'm going to be ambitious and work on Air, Tail, and Flames as well as publishing Water.

I want to be able to publish at least two stories a year--one Voice book and either a Deadly story or a dragon book. I have several dragon ideas and want to get them out of my head. :)

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