Monday, February 1, 2016

Manic Monday: Jano is over

Well, Jano ended yesterday.

14,794 words in total for me.  That means I'm half way done with Sands. Not bad for me as I barely made 10,000 last year.

Friday, Feb, 5th is the Jano party. I sent my entries last Friday so I'm good to go.

I got the book marks. Pretty cool. Now I just need to get Fire published.

Speaking of Fire, I got it back from editor/proof reader so I need to get started on corrections now that Jano is over. I run it through spell check but I'm terrible at punctuation and I miss quite a bit of that when I go through it. I get yelled at for that. :)

In Fire we learn a little more about the Aether plane.  It is where the elements connect and is usually referred to as the spirit plane.  I'll refer to it more in each book until we get to the fifth book.

What do you think of the title Aether Dreams for the fifth book?

I corrected some word counts as my program seems to be counting characters instead of just words.

I started chapt. 10 in Sands. Sara and Nick have a run-in with a compatriot of the killer's.

The showdown with the killer is getting closer and we're learning a bit more about them both.

What kind of wedding do you think these two should have?

I plan to start their wedding planning soon, now that they've settled in a bit with each other and would like your input.

 If you had unlimited funds, what would you plan?


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