Monday, February 8, 2016

Manic Monday : Beginning of month update

It's February!

My birthday was yesterday and I played a few lotto tickets. Won a few small amounts so I just kept playing 'til I ran out of money. Easy to do when you don't have much to begin with! :)

The new year and birthdays make one think of resolutions and looking forward as well as reminicing about the past. So I dug out some of the goals and resolutions I made in the past years.

My writing goal is to have both the elemental voice series and the three Deadly stories out by the time I'm 50---So in the next 3 years. I figured this plan was doable and I didn't want to stress myself out. I also plan to have the dragon book out during this time--at least written anyway.

I also wanted to transfer all my writing to my computer and get rid of the bins of stories I had started over the years. I have made strides on that. I only have a milk crate left instead of two bins. Most of the stories need major overhauls before seeing the light of day but at least I can now work on them more efficiently.

There were short-term goals--some went through, others fell by the wayside. But overall I completed about a fourth of them so I feel good.

February 5th we had the Jano party. It was fun. Good food and good companionship.

I started on the corrections for Fire. Got three chapt done so far.

Still on chapt 10 in Sands--setting up the run-in with the human compatriot of the bad guy's. This story might be almost as long as Fire the way the characters are leading me.  But it will still be a Kindle only book. I'm still set on that.

I need to finish Sands so I can get back into Water. I want Water done by the end of this year.

I'm thinking about doing the Wedding in book 5--Aether. I would like suggestions as to what kind of wedding you think they should have.

Or should they just elope?

A Vegas wedding?  :)

Seriously, I'd like your input.

The wedding rehearsal will be interupted by a murder but the wedding itself will go through. So please give me your suggestions.

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