Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Monday

Leap year.

Hmmm. What to say... :)

Extra day of the year. Glad I wasn't born on this day? 

Anyway, it's an extra day this month so 5 entries this month for this blog.

I've had my cat Toby--Topaz-eyed boy--for a whole year this month.  He's a spoiled brat but he's my brat. :)  I don't know if I'm a typical cat mom but I do spoil him. He eats better than I do. :)

My housing problem is on-going right now, but hopefully I'll get it solved and get that off my mind.

I'm working on Fire's corrections. I hope to have it done before the weekend...

April 9th the Springfield Writer's Guild will be having a signing at the Library Center. 10 or 11a.m. to 2p.m. I hope some of you will come if you're in the neighborhood.  Support our wonderful writers.

I'll be there at a table--hopefully with Fire as well as a few copies of Earth.

I'm still thinking on the vampiric formal bonding ceremony.  Sara and Nick are already 'married' unofficially since the blood sharing but there's a formal ceremony. Much like Vulcans.  I'm planning to have the vampire 'wedding planner' to actually be like a priest and have their first 'meeting'  interrupted with the person staggering in and dying at their feet.

What an introduction, right?  :)

But I still want ideas for the reception.

I decided against a 'human' wedding since I think it would make Sara uncomfortable to spend Nick's money on something so frivolous--at least to her.

What do you think?

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