Monday, January 11, 2016

Manic monday again

I did 10,389 words so far on Sands. 

That makes the total 11,500 though only the 10,389 words count for Jano. I started out with 1112 words on January 1st.  Only 39, 500 words to go. :)

I didn't write at all on Saturday or Sunday. Saturday I spent reading and putting in Points for Prizes lotto tickets (scratchers) in at the MO lottery website. The tickets expire the beginning of next month so I wanted to get as many in as possible and I was behind on some fanfiction so I read a few. I'm still behind.  Sunday I worked two shifts so I was at work all day and just didn't muster the energy for writing.

I plan to get back on schedule tonight after work. And I'm off tomorrow so--Writing here I come!

Deadly Sands new blurb:

Police consultant Sara Phillips accepts her new FBI boyfriend's offer of a joint vacation. The couple want to get to know each other better but a dead body interferes with their quality time and turns their trip into a manhunt. They are desperate to capture the killer, who buries his victims alive. Will they find him before their time runs out?

What do you think?

Since Sands happens before Fire should I put it out first and wait a bit before I put out Fire?

Hey, I made a funny! Put out Fire-- :)

It's chapter seven in Sands and I've introduced the bad guy in Sands{Spoiler! :)}--And hinted at the reason why he kills this way--so I'm about half way done. I want to make between fifteen to twenty chapters like normal, just shorter chapters.

Well, Real Life is intruding again.

  Hope everyone that's doing Jano is having fun and prolific writing!

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