Monday, January 25, 2016

Another manic monday update

Just 1049 words this week for Jano.

So a little over 13,000 words so far.

Real Life's been interfereing again with Jano. My computer got a virus and I couldn't write for two days. Hopefully, that's the last of my computer problems for awhile.

Fire is still with the editor/proof reader.

I ordered a few bookmarks with both Earth and Fire's covers on them.

What do you think?
I found out that my word count for Fire is wrong. Seems to be counting characters instead of just words so it's just above 38,000 words, not 46,000. I haven't checked any other stories yet. I'll just have to do that at the end when I finish each story.
Started chapter 9 in Sands. It's a little interlude before more serious happenings.

I'm hoping for 20 chapt, but the ending keeps intruding as I write. I don't know if I should just go ahead and write the ending and fill in the rest later or just wait. Being a pantser, I sometimes end up with a slightly different ending then I start with in my head.  :)

Maybe I'll write part of the ending in the bible and wait to see if the rest comes out.

I got a week to finish Sands on schedule so I best be getting in gear.

Real life needs to chill out! :) 

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