Monday, January 25, 2016

Another manic monday update

Just 1049 words this week for Jano.

So a little over 13,000 words so far.

Real Life's been interfereing again with Jano. My computer got a virus and I couldn't write for two days. Hopefully, that's the last of my computer problems for awhile.

Fire is still with the editor/proof reader.

I ordered a few bookmarks with both Earth and Fire's covers on them.

What do you think?
I found out that my word count for Fire is wrong. Seems to be counting characters instead of just words so it's just above 38,000 words, not 46,000. I haven't checked any other stories yet. I'll just have to do that at the end when I finish each story.
Started chapter 9 in Sands. It's a little interlude before more serious happenings.

I'm hoping for 20 chapt, but the ending keeps intruding as I write. I don't know if I should just go ahead and write the ending and fill in the rest later or just wait. Being a pantser, I sometimes end up with a slightly different ending then I start with in my head.  :)

Maybe I'll write part of the ending in the bible and wait to see if the rest comes out.

I got a week to finish Sands on schedule so I best be getting in gear.

Real life needs to chill out! :) 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Manic monday update

Only 1600 words for Jano this week.

Another weekend of non-writing and a week of no energy, but at least I did some writing.

I sent my second book Fire Walker off to the publisher. Don't know any time tables right now but when I know I'll put it up on Facebook. I'll keep my author page updated.

Final cover. I played around with canva. com but this is still the one I like best. Continuity with the first book.

If you want to catch up in the series the first book is still available on Amazon/Kindle. I plan to run a 3 day First-book-free promotion when Fire comes out. At least I hope to. :) 

Chapt 8 in Sands and we get a brief history lesson about a bad time in the Vampire clans.  I want to give a reason why Nick does something 'bad' later in the Novelette.  Spoiler! :)

FBI Consultant Sara Phillips reads the earth like a medium hears the dead. When suspicious fires break out in a rural community that resemble a strange blaze that took an FBI agent's life, Sara and her FBI boyfriend Nick Issaro investigate. Over the next few days the couple piece together the case and discover the arsonist's deadly secret--a secret so unusual it defies belief. Will they survive or will one of them go up in flames?

Final blurb. At least I hope so. :)

I will finish Sands one way or another by the end of this month. I want it ready for my Beta reader(s) by then. One of them is coming by tomorrow to get what I have done so she can get a start on it and make sure I haven't been redundant or forgetful so far. The scenes in my head don't always make it to the page. :)

Sometimes that's a good thing! :)

As I said I'll keep my author page updated with anything for Fire. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Manic monday again

I did 10,389 words so far on Sands. 

That makes the total 11,500 though only the 10,389 words count for Jano. I started out with 1112 words on January 1st.  Only 39, 500 words to go. :)

I didn't write at all on Saturday or Sunday. Saturday I spent reading and putting in Points for Prizes lotto tickets (scratchers) in at the MO lottery website. The tickets expire the beginning of next month so I wanted to get as many in as possible and I was behind on some fanfiction so I read a few. I'm still behind.  Sunday I worked two shifts so I was at work all day and just didn't muster the energy for writing.

I plan to get back on schedule tonight after work. And I'm off tomorrow so--Writing here I come!

Deadly Sands new blurb:

Police consultant Sara Phillips accepts her new FBI boyfriend's offer of a joint vacation. The couple want to get to know each other better but a dead body interferes with their quality time and turns their trip into a manhunt. They are desperate to capture the killer, who buries his victims alive. Will they find him before their time runs out?

What do you think?

Since Sands happens before Fire should I put it out first and wait a bit before I put out Fire?

Hey, I made a funny! Put out Fire-- :)

It's chapter seven in Sands and I've introduced the bad guy in Sands{Spoiler! :)}--And hinted at the reason why he kills this way--so I'm about half way done. I want to make between fifteen to twenty chapters like normal, just shorter chapters.

Well, Real Life is intruding again.

  Hope everyone that's doing Jano is having fun and prolific writing!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Jano is Here!

Jano has started and I'm off to a good start.

I'm working on Sands and Flames. Sands mainly.

I did 2021 words at the Mega Write-In and 901 words once I got home so with the 3000 words I did on the 1st I got 5922 all together these first 3 days. If I can at least keep a good pace I'll be doing good for me. I'm easily distracted...

Oh, shiny!


 I worked Sunday and decided I earned a break so I didn't write anything then. 

See...  :)

There was a character in Fire with a similar name with a character in Earth so I changed the character name in Fire.  I didn't want anyone getting confused since the character is a different person than the one in Earth. I sometimes use what I call 'place names'  until I finish the book and then I'll rename when I edit. Or I'll forget I used that name already from my list in either Earth or the dragon story and use it again, then realize I used it before when I edit and change it then.

I have like five stories going in my head at one time--the dragon story Tail, Water, Air, Deadly Sands, and Deadly Flames right now.  I shift through them daily even though I really only concentrate on one at a time. However if a good scene happens in my head I write down the idea for further work later when I'm working on THAT story. :)

 Sands is going to reveal a bit more about both Nick and Sara as it is suppose to be a getting-to-know you vacation even though a dead body interrupts that.  We learn a bit about Sara's past and a bit about vampires as the story goes along. Each have interesting pasts that have a baring on their futures.

And of course there's going to be a twist.

I've already alluded to it in the story, and it has something to do with the vampires' gift of empathy.

Spoiler!  :)

Sands and Flames are 'novelettes'--I plan 25,000 words or less each.  They're about the vacations Nick and Sara take, as will Deadly Waters be. I planned only the three novelettes and as Kindle issues until the third story. I plan to do an omnibus then with all three.

I also plan to finish Water this year as well as Tail.  Sands, Water, and Tail for sure; Flames maybe. So this year's going to be full as you can see.

I hope to finish Sands and get a good start on Flames during Jano.  And as I said before I'm off to a good start with 5922 words so far.  A little less then 20,000 to go for Sands and 25,000 for Flames.

Maybe I'll make the 50,000 words this time. :)