Monday, December 14, 2015

Mid-month status

Still high off of finishing Fire Walker!  :)

I added 280 words through my third go through. So I updated the word progress indicator.

My one beta reader is to give me my next batch tomorrow and I'll give her the last fourth of the book--Actually the last 3 chapts. The other two have still not gotten in touch with me. Once my beta reader is done and I've straightened the book, I'm going to see about editing.

I've decided the bad guy's name in Sands but still haven't picked one for Flames. The name doesn't have anything to do with Earth really but I like it and it's a friend's last name. I told the friend I'm using his last name for the bad guy so he would be prepared. :)

Still working on the deadly bibles--Sands has a bit more in it than Flames at the moment but then Sands is started while Flames just has a scene done.  The Seminole Indians live in Florida but I don't know whether I want to add them to my story even in passing.

The beta I mentioned above also read my dragon story. She said she'd tell me what she thinks of it as well. So I might do a bit of work on it this week.

Jano's coming up fast. Can't wait to start on Sands and Flames properly. I plan to finish at least Sands and get it out on Kindle before August or September.  Flames needs to be at least started so it can be out on Kindle by next year.

I want Water to be finished by December 2016 and out before May 2017.

Beginnings is still on the back burner but I plan to sneak in bits and pieces of the dragon story this coming year. It's going to be my writer's block story. If I get stuck on Water I plan to work on the dragon story until I unstick. :)

Aether is still in the beginning stage. All I have is that she is a shaman and this is the first case after she becomes one. It is of course an unusual murder.

I have titles for other stories--Earthbound, landlocked, Water bound, water locked. But I don't know if they should be before or after she becomes a shaman. I just had these ready incase I wanted to write more stories.  Right now all I have written in my to-do list is Earth Reader(done), Fire Walker(written), Water Ferrier(started), Wind whisper(First scene done), Aether, Deadly Sands(started), Deadly Waters, and Deadly Flames.

The Deadly series is to be Kindle only until the third book is done then do a hardcover omnibus. I only planned three books for that Series. The Elemental Voice Series--five books--are to be both hardcover and Kindle. 

These characters grabbed a hold of me and their plot bunnies only tell me a little at a time. Good thing I'm a pantser anyway or I'd never have gotten this far. :)


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  1. As you can see I changed Messenger to Under the Dragon's Tail. It of course has dual meaning. :)

    The one beta got back to me on it and said she loves it. She said it's a little different from my other books but you can still tell I wrote it. That's what I was going for.