Monday, December 28, 2015

End of month status report

Well, I think I'm done editing Fire--at least for right now. :)

Got a few more days to work on the Deadly bibles. Still only have the basics down.

Jano starts Friday and the Mega-Write In is Saturday at the Creamery.

I'm all ready to start on Deadly Sands and Deadly Flames. I even have covers for each. Sands' was in last week's post.

What did you think of the blurbs?

Sara's officially an FBI consultant after Earth Reader as well as Nick's fiancĂ©--though they are 'married' by vampire standards. All mates share blood. The asking to share is the proposal and the sharing is the 'wedding', Vampires do the courtship after the 'wedding' and before the formal bonding. Mates can still 'break-up' but the male vampire can not take another mate and generally doesn't live long afterwards--well not long in vampire terms anyway. :)

I wrote a few words for Under the Dragon's Tail. I've changed the direction it was going when I first wrote it.  I still do not know which direction I want to go--platonic or romantic--with the relationship between the dragon and Beka.  I am waffling!

 I'm so a panster. :)

When I first started Tail I planned for the dragon to be a small familiar and sit on her shoulder with his tail wrapped around her neck and shoulders. I still have that picture in my mind. I also thought of the people being under his rule.  Hense Under the Dragon's Tail---no sexual thoughts about the title crossed my mind until my aunt's mind went there.

Now it won't leave. :)

But I still like the title.

Here's close to what I original pictured when I thought of my dragon story:

My dragon is more catlike and her clothing is different but I could so see this scene in my book.

Real life's been kicking my butt. Money seems to be slipping through my fingers recently; I need to get on the ball. I got a budget worked out--now all I need is the money!  :)

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