Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Brief update

As I posted last week, my book's first draft is done!

I've went through it twice so far. The first time I added 200 words, the second about 300 so about 500 words have been added and I updated the word progresses accordingly.

The 10 months that it took me to write Fire was writing the first chapter then goofing off for a few months then six months of working only on Fire. During that goofing off time I added other stories to my computer including the dragon story, Beginnings, and chapters from hand-written stories I had done years ago. So technically it was only 7 months that it took to write Fire. Even with the rewrite of the dragon story mixed in that 7 month window.

When I get writer's block on one story I go to another one and work on it 'til the block is lifted. When it comes to my stories I hate being idle. 'Idle hands are the devil's playground'  :)

My one beta reader returned the 2nd fourth of Fire. Just minor corrections. She said it was good so far. The other two beta readers still haven't gotten back with me.

I worked a little on Sands to shape up what little I already have so it's ready to go for Jano.

I'm still working on both deadly bibles--sands and flames--with names. I have a few for Sands but not for Flames. I still don't have the 'bad guy' name for either.

 You got any ideas? The name must mean 'fiery' or 'flame' for Flames and for Sands it must have something to do with the earth/land.

What do you think of this as a burb for Sands?

Police consultant Sara Phillips takes her FBI boyfriend up on his offer of a joint vacation. They take it to get to know each other but a dead body interferes with their quality time and turns it into a search for a serial killer who buries his victims alive. Will they find him before their time runs out?

Beginnings and the dragon story are still on the back burner.

Jano is almost here. We have a Mega write-in on the 2nd of January at the Creamery. It begins at 10am and goes 'til 4pm. I'll be there, of course.

I will of course be working on Sands and Flames for Jano. I'm hoping to get at least Sands finished and Flames at least partially done.

Water is next for the Elemental Voice series. I plan to have it done by December 2016.

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  1. Tre` Dedmon and Alejandro Garcia are two of the names for this story---3 deadmen, get it? :)