Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Book is done!

The first draft of Fire is done!

Twenty Chapters. 169 pages. 45,000 words. I'm sure those will change with the editing process.

It took me a little over 16 months to write Earth. I did Fire in about 10--which is not counting the upcoming editing or the second revision I did with Earth.   I think I'm getting better. :)

My one beta reader is working on the second fourth of the book. I should hear from her by Friday. The other two have not gotten back to me.

 I worked on the deadly bibles a little this week. I put a few names in Sands as I was waiting on my laundry. Got to do something to pass the time. :)

I'm still looking for names though so if you have one comment below. I might use it.

I put the first two chapt of Fire on Wattpad to try it out. I got 3 reads, but no comments. So I don't know if the readers liked it or not. Check it out for yourself.

I updated the word progress bars again.

The dragon story and Beginnings are still on the back burner.

Sands and Flame are next on the agenda.

Jano will give me a good start on them.

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