Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Status report

Fire is in Chapt 16!

I killed off the Arsonist/killer--with a twist.

Now Nick and the gang have to handle the local IA. Internal Affairs. The suspicious bastards think something's up. Elliot promises to take care of it but we shall see. :)

If I keep at it I should have this book done by the end of this month. Then editing!

I have three people doing Beta reading on the 1st fourth of Fire. I need to make sure I got everything running smoothly. Hopefully they'll get back to me soon so I can run off the next part for them, then the next. I want the beta reading done by January/Feb. Then I can get it formally edited.

 I'd like to pub by May again.

Jano will be here soon. I think I'll work on the two Deadly stories I got set up in my mind.

Deadly Sands is set during the two week Florida vackay that I mention in Earth Reader. They go there to get to know each other but a dead body interferes with their quality time.

Deadly Flame is set during the four day weekend I mention in Fire Walker. They have another go at getting to know each other but an arsonist has other plans for them.

I also have a third one--Deadly Waters. But I haven't planned it out yet.

I only planned on a trilogy for the deadly books--or novelettes--since I don't plan them to be as long as my Elemental Voice books, though I consider them part of the series.

Air--Wind whisperer--and Aether are still in the beginning stage. I've been thinking more on the deadly series and Water than them.  I'm still unsure of how to proceed with Aether--She's a full shaman in this book so I know it's a homicide case but the specifics are still vague.

You have any ideas? What about character names?

I haven't set up the bookbible for Aether yet so if you got names or an idea comment here.

It's nice having the internet back. I just need to get back my cable now, though I still really don't miss it like I did the internet. Besides That's what DVDs are for. :)

In case you're wandering what Jano is.

It's where you write a novel of 50,000 words in a month. In this case January.  I've done it for the last few years. For More Info Go to

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