Thursday, November 19, 2015

Almost there!

Chapt 17 on Fire!

3 to 4 chapt to go to finish. Mostly a wrap-up after this chapt.

IA suspicious and fire starter's family upset--Will one of them cause real trouble for the good guys or will something else come up?

My beta readers haven't gotten back to me yet. I need their input to finish once I get the first draft done.

I'm still setting up the bibles for the two deadly stories--Any ideas for character names?

Definitely going to be working on the Deadly stories for Jano.

The dragon story still doesn't have a proper title so please read Teaser 4 and give me your opinion for one.

Beginnings is still on the back burner though I've thought of more to add. You'll meet Maramee in Air and it will allude to Beginnings. I don't know when I'll finish Beginnings as I have the deadly stories as well as the rest of the Voice series to finish.

Maramee is also alluded to in Fire as Sara's mentor. I'll mention her in Deadly Sands as such as well as allude to other things. Got to keep you guessing.

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