Wednesday, November 25, 2015

End of month Status

Chapt 18 in Fire!

2 to 3 more chapt and I'm done.

 Chapt 19 is the confrontation with IA and wrap-up with the case. 20 is the aftermath.

One of my beta readers got back with me on the first 5 chapters. She only had a few minor things to say--She said over all it was good. The other two haven't gotten back to me yet.

I'm still setting up the bibles for the deadly stories--sands and flame. I have the names of the cities the stories will be set in and I looked up the law enforcement agencies for the areas. My stories/books are set in an alternate universe running along side ours. A mixture of real (ours) and fantasy(alt) so I use some things that are real/true but add a twist.

I'm still looking for character names for both the deadly stories as well as for Water and Air. So if you have an idea or a name, comment here and I may use it.

Prompts are always welcome. They stir the imagination. :)

I updated the word progress for Fire and added Deadly Sands as you can see. I don't know if I want to call flame Deadly Flame or Deadly Spark. I like both so I didn't add it yet.

The dragon story and Beginnings are still on the back burner.

I told one of my co-workers that I made her a Medical Examiner in Air since she handles a knife every day. She told me that she was squeamish. I told her--not in the book! :)

I should mention she sets up the salad bar and uses the knife to cut the fixings.

Fire should be published by May. Hopefully before. I plan a book a year plus at least one Deadly novelette.  The Deadly stories I plan to only pub as Kindle.

I hope to finish Deadly Sands during Jano.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Almost there!

Chapt 17 on Fire!

3 to 4 chapt to go to finish. Mostly a wrap-up after this chapt.

IA suspicious and fire starter's family upset--Will one of them cause real trouble for the good guys or will something else come up?

My beta readers haven't gotten back to me yet. I need their input to finish once I get the first draft done.

I'm still setting up the bibles for the two deadly stories--Any ideas for character names?

Definitely going to be working on the Deadly stories for Jano.

The dragon story still doesn't have a proper title so please read Teaser 4 and give me your opinion for one.

Beginnings is still on the back burner though I've thought of more to add. You'll meet Maramee in Air and it will allude to Beginnings. I don't know when I'll finish Beginnings as I have the deadly stories as well as the rest of the Voice series to finish.

Maramee is also alluded to in Fire as Sara's mentor. I'll mention her in Deadly Sands as such as well as allude to other things. Got to keep you guessing.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Status report

Fire is in Chapt 16!

I killed off the Arsonist/killer--with a twist.

Now Nick and the gang have to handle the local IA. Internal Affairs. The suspicious bastards think something's up. Elliot promises to take care of it but we shall see. :)

If I keep at it I should have this book done by the end of this month. Then editing!

I have three people doing Beta reading on the 1st fourth of Fire. I need to make sure I got everything running smoothly. Hopefully they'll get back to me soon so I can run off the next part for them, then the next. I want the beta reading done by January/Feb. Then I can get it formally edited.

 I'd like to pub by May again.

Jano will be here soon. I think I'll work on the two Deadly stories I got set up in my mind.

Deadly Sands is set during the two week Florida vackay that I mention in Earth Reader. They go there to get to know each other but a dead body interferes with their quality time.

Deadly Flame is set during the four day weekend I mention in Fire Walker. They have another go at getting to know each other but an arsonist has other plans for them.

I also have a third one--Deadly Waters. But I haven't planned it out yet.

I only planned on a trilogy for the deadly books--or novelettes--since I don't plan them to be as long as my Elemental Voice books, though I consider them part of the series.

Air--Wind whisperer--and Aether are still in the beginning stage. I've been thinking more on the deadly series and Water than them.  I'm still unsure of how to proceed with Aether--She's a full shaman in this book so I know it's a homicide case but the specifics are still vague.

You have any ideas? What about character names?

I haven't set up the bookbible for Aether yet so if you got names or an idea comment here.

It's nice having the internet back. I just need to get back my cable now, though I still really don't miss it like I did the internet. Besides That's what DVDs are for. :)

In case you're wandering what Jano is.

It's where you write a novel of 50,000 words in a month. In this case January.  I've done it for the last few years. For More Info Go to

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November Update

Fire is in Chapt 15!

Moving right along with this book.  Got two more months before Jano so I should be done and ready to start a new book by January.

I don't know if I want to do the third book Water or the Florida story Deadly Sands for Jano. Both are started and ready to be written so...

I'm thinking if I work on Deadly Sands I might actually finish it during Jano since I plan it to be a novelette and less than 50,000 words. But I also have a good start on Water--more than 8 pages in. Decisions, decisions.

Maybe I'll do both?

The dragon story still doesn't have a proper title. Please read Teaser 4 and give me your thoughts.

Found a beta reader. Hopefully she'll work out.

I broke down and got internet re-established at home. Still without T.V but oh well.

Police Consultant Sara Phillips reads the earth like a medium hears the dead. When suspicious fires break out in a rural community that match a strange blaze that took an FBI agent's life, Sara and her FBI boyfriend Nick Issaro investigate. Over the next few days Nick and Sara piece together the case and discover the arsonist's deadly secret--a secret so unusual that it defies belief. Will they all survive or will one of them go up in flames?