Saturday, October 3, 2015

October update

Fire is now in Chapter 5!

I sat down and wrote the ending of chpt 3 and did chpt. 4 in one evening. I no longer have cable so I have to do something with the time I used to watch TV. :)

I also do not have internet so my updates may be sporatic or however you say that. :)

Anyway, I'm back to working on Fire.

I haven't touched the Florida story or the short stories so I'm still only a few pages in on them. I'm thinking about calling the Florida story Deadly Sands---Sands standing in for Earth and Deadly because of the dead body that shows up almost as soon as they get there.

What do you think of novelettes between the books, available only on Kindle?

Anyway, I added another Teaser to this blog. The Protologue for the dragon book. It sets up the main story and introduces a character that doesn't show up again til later and explains the relationship between them.

Click on Teaser 4 if you want to read.

I still don't have a title for the dragon story, though I still think of it as Messenger, but the agent said I should think of a more exciting title.

So did any of you think of a name?

I did this on I just love that site. but I wish it had more dragon pix.

What do you think?

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