Thursday, October 22, 2015

Brief Mid-month Update

Fire is in Chapt 12!

If I keep going like this I'll be done by my self-imposed deadline of January. 

My Chapters though are shorter than what's in my first book. I only got a 100 pages right now and I should have more if I was writing the chapters like I did in my first book.  Oh, well. :)

Still haven't touched Florida or the short stories. I've thought about them but haven't done any writing on them at all. I still like the idea of Kindle stories set between the main books.  Deadly Sands, Deadly Flame, Deadly Waters sound good to me...

I'm looking for 2 beta readers. My usual beta reader's been too busy to read.  I usually send a chapter at a time to be read and commented on but since I'm half way through, I'd probably send what I got and want to know if the story flows so far. And If I missed anything.  I have spell check for everything else. :)

Anyone interested? A sneak peak at my book!  :)

Messenger is still on the back burner right now. I haven't figured out what to title it yet either. Any of you have an Idea?  Read Teaser 4 for a taste and comment here on your thoughts. 

I'm still not missing my TV as much as I'm missing internet. Having to go to the library to do online stuff cuts into my time on other things like writing. :)

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