Thursday, October 15, 2015

Book Cover for Fire

Fire is in Chpt 8!

I'm almost half way through the book. Earth had twenty chapters so I figure Fire will too. Though who really knows when you're a pantser! :)

Surprising enough I don't miss my TV. I do however miss the internet. It's amazing how much we depend on it. Oh, well, at least I'm working on my book. I'm also reading more so it's all good.

I still haven't touched the Florida story or the short stories. I need to keep working on Fire if I want to get it done before Jano. I want to work on Water and Air during Jano or maybe even a new story.

I haven't touched Messenger for awhile either since I've started back on Fire. I still need to think of another title for it.  Give me a hand...  :)

If you want a taste of Messenger, click on Teaser 4.

I've also updated the word progress of my books.

Teaser 2--is now Chapter 2 of Fire. I decided to add more to the front end of it. I changed a few things here and there but if you want a taste of Fire, click on Teaser 2.

Here's the cover for Fire. What do you think?

I plan to have all the books brown with white lettering. The symbols will of course reflect the element with both context and color.

I now got an Author Page on Facebook. Check it out. I will be putting updates on it more often than I do here. 

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