Sunday, September 20, 2015

A brief update

Well, ORACon was fun. As you can see we had quite a few attendees. We had talks on how to write a novel in two weeks and about revision hell. We had a lot of author tables including mine. I only signed one book , but I had a new set up for my table. I thought it looked nice.

 I had a pitch session with an agent about my dragon book. I got an invitation to send a query and 3 chapters. But as you know I'm not finish with it. I rewrote the first part and I'm working on the last third of the story.  I want to send the query but know I should wait. The agent said I should think of a better name than Messenger but I plan to refer to this book by that name even if I give it another title for publication.

Do you have any ideas for names?

Main character is a seventeen year old girl who stumbles into a rebellion when she becomes the Heart of the last dragon. I Think of it as Joan of Arc with people having mental powers and a dragon thrown in.  There's even a prophecy.

“The dragon's gem will be lost for a hundred and one years and will be brought forth by a girl rich in humble origins, causing the dragon to awake. An evil man will seek to steal the gem and an army will gather at the Pass named for the horse general while the king of kings joins with the warrior queen. Blood will flow and evil will seem to have the upper hand until the girl is brought before the evil man. At her word the dragon will smote all the evil before her with cleansing fire.”

What do you think?

I still haven't touched Fire, the Florida story or the short stories. I've been concentrating on the Dragon story.

I've written 4100 words since the beginning of the month on the dragon story. That makes it a little over 29000 words so far.  I have two different endings--one gen and one 'romantic' in mind. I'm a pantser so I guess I'll see which one ends up working.

Here's a glimpse of the dragon that the bad guys got:.

The dragon seemed to be a mixture of feline and reptile. A broad large-eyed head, oddly reminiscent of a cat’s, rose upon a long and flexible neck. The wings, vast seeming as they were when in flight, were neatly folded along the muscular back while a thick flexible tail was curled around the cruel-looking talons of the forefeet and hid the rear talons of one rear claw. . 

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