Monday, August 24, 2015

August Update

Real Life has been kicking my butt. I may be losing half my monthly income in the next month so I've been trying to get that straightened out.

Anyway,  Fire is still a few pages short of being done with Capt 3.

Beginnings has the one short story done (See Pages) and I started the second. The third is outlined in my head. I hope to get them edited and out on Kindle in the next two months.

I haven't touched the Florida story so it's still only 3 pages in. This is the story that talks about what they did the two weeks following Earth and before Fire. They get to know each other a little better even though a murder interrupts them.

I have some vacation time at work even though I'm part time. I put in for some days next week. One of the days I plan to visit my parents who live a two hour drive from here, but the other days I plan to work on my stories including a completely different one.

This different one is a YA or young adult story and has a completely different voice to it. I started it years ago.  It has dragons and a middle-ages feel. The main character is a seventeen year old girl who becomes a leader in a rebellion--sort of like Joan of Arc but with a better ending! :)

Earth sales have stopped so I guess I need to do some more Fiverr or wait until I get my short stories up and do some more advertising.

If you haven't read my book, please do so. Kindle Unlimited has it and you can get a taste for free.
I have 5 star reviews on it. All of them agreed that it has great characters and storyline. Find out for yourself.   :)