Thursday, July 2, 2015

GoFundMe Book funding

As you can see I'm trying GoFundMe.  People talk about it so I wanted to see if it works.

I plan to use anything I get to pay costs of publishing the rest of my books and getting a website for my series. Ink and paper is really sucking me dry.

When I finish a chapter, I print two, three copies and have my two readers go over it while I make corrections as well. It insures that I didn't forget anything while I wrote. Sometimes my brain is ahead of my fingers and I forget something.

I'm still at Chapter 3 on Fire. I only have about 4 pages to go though to end the chapter so it won't be long. Unless I get stuck again. :)

Vampires changed the world when they came forward. Besides the fact that they existed, they brought many scientific discoveries with them to the human government  which changed the way humans viewed the world. One of which was that psychic powers were real as vampires were empaths themselves...

Fire actually will have two crimes solved by the end because a certain death was misidentified as a suicide and it will be explained along with the fires.  Though not as one would expect.


I changed up the cover a bit. What do you think?

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