Sunday, June 28, 2015

After Sale update

The 99 cent kindle sale is over.  Back to $2.99. 

It's well worth the price even if I say so myself. :)

My sales did go up a little the day I did the promo which was the first day of the 99 cents sale. I might try another promo later. Maybe when I can lower the kindle price again.

Those of you who bought on Kindle or borrowed with KU please review on Amazon. Reviews are a writer's bread and butter.

I'm almost finished with chapter 3 of Fire. I added a little romance in the middle and I'll add a bit at the end. After all Nick and Sara are engaged. :)

According to vampire law they are already mated/ bonded but both Sara and vampires believe in courtship, long courtship in vampires' case. Formal bonding or marriage is the goal but not required for vampires since male vampires cannot cheat on their mates.

This is the cover I did on for Fire. The inverted triangle is the symbol for fire and the flame is self-explanatory...What do you think?

Should the book be brown like Earth with red triangle/ yellow flame to add consistency?

I like it the way it is but it might look good on brown....

Again thanks to all who bought my Earth book in support of this first time Author.

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