Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Slow going

Both versions of my book are out now.

I sold a few kindle on amazon and a few hard copies personally. Now all I need are reviews.  :)

The kindle version of my book is on both Kindle Unlimited and in Kindle Owner Lending Library so if you want a free taste (or should that be the whole shebang :) ), go for it.  

I still haven't got past chapter two on Fire. I plan to work on it tonight, get at least a page done.  That's the plan from now on: to get at least a page a night. 

Two of the Facebook pages have accepted me, but I'm still pending on some more. I need the exposure to readers and other writers.

It's slow going, but I expected that. After all, I'm a new writer and nobody knows me. I write my books in what I call the movie style. It's as if I'm seeing a movie unfold before my eyes. The story is brisk, fast paced, and full of dialog.  Flowery language is not for me. :)

I hope you will try my book and tell me what you think, either here or through a review on amazon. I want to improve my next book so you the reader will enjoy it more.

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