Saturday, May 30, 2015

Book Link

I fix the book link on the cover pix.

At least I think I did. :)

 I guess it didn't save when I attached it. It should take you to my book's amazon page.

Fire is still in chapter two. I just can' t seem to sit down and work on it. I stare at the page and something from further on in the book flitters across my mind but I push it away. So I don't get anything done. I only got seven months to get it done before Jano.

I did do a page on the Florida getaway...

There's a promo group that does social media promotions which only cost a very minimum amount. I think I'll do one of their deals next week after I get some money. I need exposure so I think this is a good way to do it.  After all I've been doing FB promo groups and nothing seems to be happening. So ain't no harm to try a different track.

I hope those of you who have read my book, enjoyed it and will review.

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