Tuesday, April 28, 2015


24 more days 'til my book is out!

That is if I get everything done in time.

I got my proof and I think the cover looks great. Just like I wanted it. Simple and sharp. My aunt thinks a matte finish would be better to bring the texture out, but I think it looks fine the way it is. I got to go through the book now and mark any booboos. :)

My aunt read the proof and said she enjoyed it. Now if I can get others to read the book and post reviews like that when it comes out...   :)

Another page was added to Fire. I'm working on it at night before I go to bed so I'm only getting a little done at a time. I'm a pantser for the most part, but I have certain scenes already in my head. Getting to those scenes is where I'm the pantser.

My cat just crawled into my lap. I think he's tired of me looking at the computer. :)

I'll write more in a few days.

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