Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April status

Well, I finished the corrections and sent Earth Reader back to publisher.  May's coming up fast. I want it on Kindle pre-order so those that have Reader's can get it immediately once it's pubbed.

I only did a few more words on Fire. I'm still thinking about the fire starter explanation. 

A friend said there's a disease that causes one to burn from the inside out-- it causes toxic epidermal necrolysis which is the skin peeling away and infection setting in.

So not what I want.

While the body is mostly water it is still comprised of possibly flammable chemicals. I read that the metabolic molecule acetyl-CoA (aka acetone) is a natural accelerant and readily available in the body.  But it needs an igniter...

So I decided my igniter is going to be the fire starter 'exciting' the molecules with his mind, causing the heat that ignites the molecules and voila SHC!

Most scientists usually credit alleged Spontaneous Human Combustion to the "wick effect," by which an external ignition source -- clothes or hair ignited by say a cigarette -- acts as a wick that splits the skin, exposing the highly flammable subcutaneous body fat, which burns madly, shooting out flames that split more skin, exposing more fat, which burns madly. ETC.

Now I got to figure out how my earth reader's vampire boyfriend is going to help defeat the fire starter without going up in flames. :)

Any ideas on That?

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