Monday, March 2, 2015

Elemental Voice Series

I decided to call this series The Elemental Voice.

After all Sara is a 'Voice'. 

I had some cards made up with the symbols to go along with this series. None of the titles are on it since those are always subject to change... :)

Speaking of change--Water Scale or Water Weigher? Weigher goes better with the others but...

What do you think?

 I have a picture in mind for Water's cover, but not Fire's or Air's yet.

Fire's still in chapter two but I wrote a few pages so it's moving along. I still like the multiple personality angle, but I think I'll add a bit of a twist to that as well. :)

 It might be a 'predictable' twist so to speak though....

Earth is still with the editor. I'll be getting it back soon, then I'll have to make some changes before it goes to the next step.

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