Thursday, February 12, 2015

What's new

I talked with Sharon Holmes and we tentatively set a date to publish my first book Earth Reader.

May 22nd.

I had a car accident and they totaled my car so I got a bit of money. After doing some repairs I still had a small bit left so I decided to self-pub. Sharon was gracious enough to say yes. :)

Life has a way of doing the unexpected.

Anyway, I'm going thru my book. I hope to have my editing done before the end of the month so I can send it off for the official editing. I've done eight chapters so far so that makes twelve to go. I plan to do at least one chapter a night.

I still need titles for Air and Aether. I'm going with Fire Walker and Water Scale for the next two. I'm working on chapter two of Fire and am still on chapter one with Water. Air is just past the first paragraph. Aether is still being thought out. I ain't sure how I want it to go.

I plan to update at each step of the pub either here or on FB or both--depending on my mood.

That's the status so far.

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