Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Book Cover

Well, as you can see I got a book cover.  :)

So What do you think?

The upside down triangle with the line thru the bottom is the symbol for Earth and the figure reminds me of a diviner who is a person who 'reads' the earth so to speak. So I thought both would be perfect for the book.  Green is the color associated with earth (though most think brown is).

I sent my book off to the publisher so all I got to do now is wait.


Police consultant Sara Phillips reads the earth like a medium hears the dead. When a dump site is discovered, the FBI are called in, but the lead agent Nick Issaro who has a secret of his own seems more interested in Sara than the dead bodies. As they work the case, an attraction grows between them which puts both their lives in danger when the killer also develops a strange attachment to Sara.

Like it?

Fire is into chapter two still. I haven't worked on it much since I was editing Earth. I need to work on it and Water. Got to get crackin'  if I plan to have at least one of them done this year.   I want to finish at least one book a year for the next four years until I get this series done.  Or at least finish the books I have in my head. :)

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