Monday, December 28, 2015

End of month status report

Well, I think I'm done editing Fire--at least for right now. :)

Got a few more days to work on the Deadly bibles. Still only have the basics down.

Jano starts Friday and the Mega-Write In is Saturday at the Creamery.

I'm all ready to start on Deadly Sands and Deadly Flames. I even have covers for each. Sands' was in last week's post.

What did you think of the blurbs?

Sara's officially an FBI consultant after Earth Reader as well as Nick's fiancĂ©--though they are 'married' by vampire standards. All mates share blood. The asking to share is the proposal and the sharing is the 'wedding', Vampires do the courtship after the 'wedding' and before the formal bonding. Mates can still 'break-up' but the male vampire can not take another mate and generally doesn't live long afterwards--well not long in vampire terms anyway. :)

I wrote a few words for Under the Dragon's Tail. I've changed the direction it was going when I first wrote it.  I still do not know which direction I want to go--platonic or romantic--with the relationship between the dragon and Beka.  I am waffling!

 I'm so a panster. :)

When I first started Tail I planned for the dragon to be a small familiar and sit on her shoulder with his tail wrapped around her neck and shoulders. I still have that picture in my mind. I also thought of the people being under his rule.  Hense Under the Dragon's Tail---no sexual thoughts about the title crossed my mind until my aunt's mind went there.

Now it won't leave. :)

But I still like the title.

Here's close to what I original pictured when I thought of my dragon story:

My dragon is more catlike and her clothing is different but I could so see this scene in my book.

Real life's been kicking my butt. Money seems to be slipping through my fingers recently; I need to get on the ball. I got a budget worked out--now all I need is the money!  :)

Monday, December 21, 2015

Just another 'manic' monday

Still going through Fire. One can never seem to do enough editing.  :)

My one beta reader has finished the last three chapts so I should see her tomorrow and get the final scoop from her. The other two have still not gotten in touch with me. I guess I'll just have to precede without their input. Once I get the money it's off to an editor/proof reader.

I'm still working on the deadly bibles and blurbs. This is what I got so far.

Deadly Sands
Police consultant Sara Phillips takes her FBI boyfriend up on his offer of a joint vacation. They take it to get to know each other but a dead body interferes with their quality time and turns it into a search for a killer who buries his victims alive. Will they find him before their time runs out?

Deadly Flames
FBI consultant Sara Phillips and her FBI agent boyfriend needed a break from their busy life so they took a long weekend at a Maine resort. They arrive to a crime scene and their time away turns into a search for a serial arsonist who taunts the local police. Will they find him before he sets them ablaze?

What do you think?

The beta reader I mentioned above said she loves my dragon story--slightly different voice but could tell I wrote it. She said she can't wait 'til I finish it.

DRAGON BLURB: Dark days have shrouded the Kingdoms, but rumors of the Dragon' s Gem have resurfaced and given hope to those who still fight. Are they just rumors or is it the time of prophecy?

That's what I put on Wattpad.

I changed the name of the dragon story as I commented on my last entry to Under the Dragon's Tail. My aunt says I should rethink that name since it could have a different meaning than what I want. I told her it's suppose to have multiple meanings--just not the one she probably thought! :)

The title may stay or I may change it to Under the Dragon's Wing. It's one of those two, but I like Tail better.

Jano's coming up fast. I'm ready to get started on Sands and Flames. I did a cover on Canva.

What do you think?
I also did one for Flames but I'll wait on that one. I like  the triangles in this as the symbols for the elements are such in my Voice series. A little continuity. :)
I still do not have cable/TV so I've been messing around with my stories and reading fanfiction. I miss it yet I don't at the same time. As long as I have access to internet I'm fine. :)

Monday, December 14, 2015

Mid-month status

Still high off of finishing Fire Walker!  :)

I added 280 words through my third go through. So I updated the word progress indicator.

My one beta reader is to give me my next batch tomorrow and I'll give her the last fourth of the book--Actually the last 3 chapts. The other two have still not gotten in touch with me. Once my beta reader is done and I've straightened the book, I'm going to see about editing.

I've decided the bad guy's name in Sands but still haven't picked one for Flames. The name doesn't have anything to do with Earth really but I like it and it's a friend's last name. I told the friend I'm using his last name for the bad guy so he would be prepared. :)

Still working on the deadly bibles--Sands has a bit more in it than Flames at the moment but then Sands is started while Flames just has a scene done.  The Seminole Indians live in Florida but I don't know whether I want to add them to my story even in passing.

The beta I mentioned above also read my dragon story. She said she'd tell me what she thinks of it as well. So I might do a bit of work on it this week.

Jano's coming up fast. Can't wait to start on Sands and Flames properly. I plan to finish at least Sands and get it out on Kindle before August or September.  Flames needs to be at least started so it can be out on Kindle by next year.

I want Water to be finished by December 2016 and out before May 2017.

Beginnings is still on the back burner but I plan to sneak in bits and pieces of the dragon story this coming year. It's going to be my writer's block story. If I get stuck on Water I plan to work on the dragon story until I unstick. :)

Aether is still in the beginning stage. All I have is that she is a shaman and this is the first case after she becomes one. It is of course an unusual murder.

I have titles for other stories--Earthbound, landlocked, Water bound, water locked. But I don't know if they should be before or after she becomes a shaman. I just had these ready incase I wanted to write more stories.  Right now all I have written in my to-do list is Earth Reader(done), Fire Walker(written), Water Ferrier(started), Wind whisper(First scene done), Aether, Deadly Sands(started), Deadly Waters, and Deadly Flames.

The Deadly series is to be Kindle only until the third book is done then do a hardcover omnibus. I only planned three books for that Series. The Elemental Voice Series--five books--are to be both hardcover and Kindle. 

These characters grabbed a hold of me and their plot bunnies only tell me a little at a time. Good thing I'm a pantser anyway or I'd never have gotten this far. :)


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Brief update

As I posted last week, my book's first draft is done!

I've went through it twice so far. The first time I added 200 words, the second about 300 so about 500 words have been added and I updated the word progresses accordingly.

The 10 months that it took me to write Fire was writing the first chapter then goofing off for a few months then six months of working only on Fire. During that goofing off time I added other stories to my computer including the dragon story, Beginnings, and chapters from hand-written stories I had done years ago. So technically it was only 7 months that it took to write Fire. Even with the rewrite of the dragon story mixed in that 7 month window.

When I get writer's block on one story I go to another one and work on it 'til the block is lifted. When it comes to my stories I hate being idle. 'Idle hands are the devil's playground'  :)

My one beta reader returned the 2nd fourth of Fire. Just minor corrections. She said it was good so far. The other two beta readers still haven't gotten back with me.

I worked a little on Sands to shape up what little I already have so it's ready to go for Jano.

I'm still working on both deadly bibles--sands and flames--with names. I have a few for Sands but not for Flames. I still don't have the 'bad guy' name for either.

 You got any ideas? The name must mean 'fiery' or 'flame' for Flames and for Sands it must have something to do with the earth/land.

What do you think of this as a burb for Sands?

Police consultant Sara Phillips takes her FBI boyfriend up on his offer of a joint vacation. They take it to get to know each other but a dead body interferes with their quality time and turns it into a search for a serial killer who buries his victims alive. Will they find him before their time runs out?

Beginnings and the dragon story are still on the back burner.

Jano is almost here. We have a Mega write-in on the 2nd of January at the Creamery. It begins at 10am and goes 'til 4pm. I'll be there, of course.

I will of course be working on Sands and Flames for Jano. I'm hoping to get at least Sands finished and Flames at least partially done.

Water is next for the Elemental Voice series. I plan to have it done by December 2016.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Book is done!

The first draft of Fire is done!

Twenty Chapters. 169 pages. 45,000 words. I'm sure those will change with the editing process.

It took me a little over 16 months to write Earth. I did Fire in about 10--which is not counting the upcoming editing or the second revision I did with Earth.   I think I'm getting better. :)

My one beta reader is working on the second fourth of the book. I should hear from her by Friday. The other two have not gotten back to me.

 I worked on the deadly bibles a little this week. I put a few names in Sands as I was waiting on my laundry. Got to do something to pass the time. :)

I'm still looking for names though so if you have one comment below. I might use it.

I put the first two chapt of Fire on Wattpad to try it out. I got 3 reads, but no comments. So I don't know if the readers liked it or not. Check it out for yourself.

I updated the word progress bars again.

The dragon story and Beginnings are still on the back burner.

Sands and Flame are next on the agenda.

Jano will give me a good start on them.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

End of month Status

Chapt 18 in Fire!

2 to 3 more chapt and I'm done.

 Chapt 19 is the confrontation with IA and wrap-up with the case. 20 is the aftermath.

One of my beta readers got back with me on the first 5 chapters. She only had a few minor things to say--She said over all it was good. The other two haven't gotten back to me yet.

I'm still setting up the bibles for the deadly stories--sands and flame. I have the names of the cities the stories will be set in and I looked up the law enforcement agencies for the areas. My stories/books are set in an alternate universe running along side ours. A mixture of real (ours) and fantasy(alt) so I use some things that are real/true but add a twist.

I'm still looking for character names for both the deadly stories as well as for Water and Air. So if you have an idea or a name, comment here and I may use it.

Prompts are always welcome. They stir the imagination. :)

I updated the word progress for Fire and added Deadly Sands as you can see. I don't know if I want to call flame Deadly Flame or Deadly Spark. I like both so I didn't add it yet.

The dragon story and Beginnings are still on the back burner.

I told one of my co-workers that I made her a Medical Examiner in Air since she handles a knife every day. She told me that she was squeamish. I told her--not in the book! :)

I should mention she sets up the salad bar and uses the knife to cut the fixings.

Fire should be published by May. Hopefully before. I plan a book a year plus at least one Deadly novelette.  The Deadly stories I plan to only pub as Kindle.

I hope to finish Deadly Sands during Jano.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Almost there!

Chapt 17 on Fire!

3 to 4 chapt to go to finish. Mostly a wrap-up after this chapt.

IA suspicious and fire starter's family upset--Will one of them cause real trouble for the good guys or will something else come up?

My beta readers haven't gotten back to me yet. I need their input to finish once I get the first draft done.

I'm still setting up the bibles for the two deadly stories--Any ideas for character names?

Definitely going to be working on the Deadly stories for Jano.

The dragon story still doesn't have a proper title so please read Teaser 4 and give me your opinion for one.

Beginnings is still on the back burner though I've thought of more to add. You'll meet Maramee in Air and it will allude to Beginnings. I don't know when I'll finish Beginnings as I have the deadly stories as well as the rest of the Voice series to finish.

Maramee is also alluded to in Fire as Sara's mentor. I'll mention her in Deadly Sands as such as well as allude to other things. Got to keep you guessing.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Status report

Fire is in Chapt 16!

I killed off the Arsonist/killer--with a twist.

Now Nick and the gang have to handle the local IA. Internal Affairs. The suspicious bastards think something's up. Elliot promises to take care of it but we shall see. :)

If I keep at it I should have this book done by the end of this month. Then editing!

I have three people doing Beta reading on the 1st fourth of Fire. I need to make sure I got everything running smoothly. Hopefully they'll get back to me soon so I can run off the next part for them, then the next. I want the beta reading done by January/Feb. Then I can get it formally edited.

 I'd like to pub by May again.

Jano will be here soon. I think I'll work on the two Deadly stories I got set up in my mind.

Deadly Sands is set during the two week Florida vackay that I mention in Earth Reader. They go there to get to know each other but a dead body interferes with their quality time.

Deadly Flame is set during the four day weekend I mention in Fire Walker. They have another go at getting to know each other but an arsonist has other plans for them.

I also have a third one--Deadly Waters. But I haven't planned it out yet.

I only planned on a trilogy for the deadly books--or novelettes--since I don't plan them to be as long as my Elemental Voice books, though I consider them part of the series.

Air--Wind whisperer--and Aether are still in the beginning stage. I've been thinking more on the deadly series and Water than them.  I'm still unsure of how to proceed with Aether--She's a full shaman in this book so I know it's a homicide case but the specifics are still vague.

You have any ideas? What about character names?

I haven't set up the bookbible for Aether yet so if you got names or an idea comment here.

It's nice having the internet back. I just need to get back my cable now, though I still really don't miss it like I did the internet. Besides That's what DVDs are for. :)

In case you're wandering what Jano is.

It's where you write a novel of 50,000 words in a month. In this case January.  I've done it for the last few years. For More Info Go to

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November Update

Fire is in Chapt 15!

Moving right along with this book.  Got two more months before Jano so I should be done and ready to start a new book by January.

I don't know if I want to do the third book Water or the Florida story Deadly Sands for Jano. Both are started and ready to be written so...

I'm thinking if I work on Deadly Sands I might actually finish it during Jano since I plan it to be a novelette and less than 50,000 words. But I also have a good start on Water--more than 8 pages in. Decisions, decisions.

Maybe I'll do both?

The dragon story still doesn't have a proper title. Please read Teaser 4 and give me your thoughts.

Found a beta reader. Hopefully she'll work out.

I broke down and got internet re-established at home. Still without T.V but oh well.

Police Consultant Sara Phillips reads the earth like a medium hears the dead. When suspicious fires break out in a rural community that match a strange blaze that took an FBI agent's life, Sara and her FBI boyfriend Nick Issaro investigate. Over the next few days Nick and Sara piece together the case and discover the arsonist's deadly secret--a secret so unusual that it defies belief. Will they all survive or will one of them go up in flames?

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Brief Mid-month Update

Fire is in Chapt 12!

If I keep going like this I'll be done by my self-imposed deadline of January. 

My Chapters though are shorter than what's in my first book. I only got a 100 pages right now and I should have more if I was writing the chapters like I did in my first book.  Oh, well. :)

Still haven't touched Florida or the short stories. I've thought about them but haven't done any writing on them at all. I still like the idea of Kindle stories set between the main books.  Deadly Sands, Deadly Flame, Deadly Waters sound good to me...

I'm looking for 2 beta readers. My usual beta reader's been too busy to read.  I usually send a chapter at a time to be read and commented on but since I'm half way through, I'd probably send what I got and want to know if the story flows so far. And If I missed anything.  I have spell check for everything else. :)

Anyone interested? A sneak peak at my book!  :)

Messenger is still on the back burner right now. I haven't figured out what to title it yet either. Any of you have an Idea?  Read Teaser 4 for a taste and comment here on your thoughts. 

I'm still not missing my TV as much as I'm missing internet. Having to go to the library to do online stuff cuts into my time on other things like writing. :)

Please check out my new Author page on Facebook and 'like' it so you will have the newest updates on what I'm doing and how far along I am on my book.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Book Cover for Fire

Fire is in Chpt 8!

I'm almost half way through the book. Earth had twenty chapters so I figure Fire will too. Though who really knows when you're a pantser! :)

Surprising enough I don't miss my TV. I do however miss the internet. It's amazing how much we depend on it. Oh, well, at least I'm working on my book. I'm also reading more so it's all good.

I still haven't touched the Florida story or the short stories. I need to keep working on Fire if I want to get it done before Jano. I want to work on Water and Air during Jano or maybe even a new story.

I haven't touched Messenger for awhile either since I've started back on Fire. I still need to think of another title for it.  Give me a hand...  :)

If you want a taste of Messenger, click on Teaser 4.

I've also updated the word progress of my books.

Teaser 2--is now Chapter 2 of Fire. I decided to add more to the front end of it. I changed a few things here and there but if you want a taste of Fire, click on Teaser 2.

Here's the cover for Fire. What do you think?

I plan to have all the books brown with white lettering. The symbols will of course reflect the element with both context and color.

I now got an Author Page on Facebook. Check it out. I will be putting updates on it more often than I do here. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

October update

Fire is now in Chapter 5!

I sat down and wrote the ending of chpt 3 and did chpt. 4 in one evening. I no longer have cable so I have to do something with the time I used to watch TV. :)

I also do not have internet so my updates may be sporatic or however you say that. :)

Anyway, I'm back to working on Fire.

I haven't touched the Florida story or the short stories so I'm still only a few pages in on them. I'm thinking about calling the Florida story Deadly Sands---Sands standing in for Earth and Deadly because of the dead body that shows up almost as soon as they get there.

What do you think of novelettes between the books, available only on Kindle?

Anyway, I added another Teaser to this blog. The Protologue for the dragon book. It sets up the main story and introduces a character that doesn't show up again til later and explains the relationship between them.

Click on Teaser 4 if you want to read.

I still don't have a title for the dragon story, though I still think of it as Messenger, but the agent said I should think of a more exciting title.

So did any of you think of a name?

I did this on I just love that site. but I wish it had more dragon pix.

What do you think?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

A brief update

Well, ORACon was fun. As you can see we had quite a few attendees. We had talks on how to write a novel in two weeks and about revision hell. We had a lot of author tables including mine. I only signed one book , but I had a new set up for my table. I thought it looked nice.

 I had a pitch session with an agent about my dragon book. I got an invitation to send a query and 3 chapters. But as you know I'm not finish with it. I rewrote the first part and I'm working on the last third of the story.  I want to send the query but know I should wait. The agent said I should think of a better name than Messenger but I plan to refer to this book by that name even if I give it another title for publication.

Do you have any ideas for names?

Main character is a seventeen year old girl who stumbles into a rebellion when she becomes the Heart of the last dragon. I Think of it as Joan of Arc with people having mental powers and a dragon thrown in.  There's even a prophecy.

“The dragon's gem will be lost for a hundred and one years and will be brought forth by a girl rich in humble origins, causing the dragon to awake. An evil man will seek to steal the gem and an army will gather at the Pass named for the horse general while the king of kings joins with the warrior queen. Blood will flow and evil will seem to have the upper hand until the girl is brought before the evil man. At her word the dragon will smote all the evil before her with cleansing fire.”

What do you think?

I still haven't touched Fire, the Florida story or the short stories. I've been concentrating on the Dragon story.

I've written 4100 words since the beginning of the month on the dragon story. That makes it a little over 29000 words so far.  I have two different endings--one gen and one 'romantic' in mind. I'm a pantser so I guess I'll see which one ends up working.

Here's a glimpse of the dragon that the bad guys got:.

The dragon seemed to be a mixture of feline and reptile. A broad large-eyed head, oddly reminiscent of a cat’s, rose upon a long and flexible neck. The wings, vast seeming as they were when in flight, were neatly folded along the muscular back while a thick flexible tail was curled around the cruel-looking talons of the forefeet and hid the rear talons of one rear claw. . 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

September Update

ORA Con is on September 19th here in Springfield, MO. It is a writing conference that Ozark's Romance Authors puts on every year. You don't have to write Romance to attend as ORA is full of authors who write all genre. Many of our authors will be at the conference with a table or at the signing at the Library Center on Friday afternoon.

I plan to be at the conference on Saturday with a table since I work Friday afternoon during that signing.  I only have a few books, but if you have one of my books already and come...I'll gladly sign.   :)

You can find more info about it on ORA's web site.

Well, I had two days off from work last week which meant I had three days in a row. The one day I went with my Aunt to visit my parents, one was used to get misc. things done, and the other was for writing.

Fire, the Florida story, and the short stories weren't touched, but I did rewrite the new story. I decided to call it Messenger for right now.

I hadn't liked the way it had been going which is one of the reasons I stopped writing on it. It had about seven chapters before the rewrite and now I'm on number nine.  It still has that middle ages society structure but it does also have psychic powers so it's a bit different. There is only one dragon left and dragons had moved to that stage to where people knew they existed but most of what they know about dragons are considered myths.

There are also reptilian creatures besides the dragon...

Daggits were, according to her father, an unholy mix between a horse and a large dragon. Their basic body structure was like that of a horse, but it was a reptile, not a mammal, and some were even winged. The one they rode however was not, nor was it the normal grey-green, but a brown-green. Her mistress said it was called Warchild, and had been trained as a warsteed; but why would a Messenger need a fighting steed?
Is Daggits too much of a BSG reference? One of the ORA members said that's what she thought of the second she saw the name, though it's obviously not a dog.  What else would I call them--Dragits? :)
Oops...How do you change back to normal settings? Well I guess I'm not going to do this in the middle of the next post. :)

Monday, August 24, 2015

August Update

Real Life has been kicking my butt. I may be losing half my monthly income in the next month so I've been trying to get that straightened out.

Anyway,  Fire is still a few pages short of being done with Capt 3.

Beginnings has the one short story done (See Pages) and I started the second. The third is outlined in my head. I hope to get them edited and out on Kindle in the next two months.

I haven't touched the Florida story so it's still only 3 pages in. This is the story that talks about what they did the two weeks following Earth and before Fire. They get to know each other a little better even though a murder interrupts them.

I have some vacation time at work even though I'm part time. I put in for some days next week. One of the days I plan to visit my parents who live a two hour drive from here, but the other days I plan to work on my stories including a completely different one.

This different one is a YA or young adult story and has a completely different voice to it. I started it years ago.  It has dragons and a middle-ages feel. The main character is a seventeen year old girl who becomes a leader in a rebellion--sort of like Joan of Arc but with a better ending! :)

Earth sales have stopped so I guess I need to do some more Fiverr or wait until I get my short stories up and do some more advertising.

If you haven't read my book, please do so. Kindle Unlimited has it and you can get a taste for free.
I have 5 star reviews on it. All of them agreed that it has great characters and storyline. Find out for yourself.   :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July Update

I'm still 4 pages short of finishing Chapt 3 of Fire.  I did a little editing and did  some more thought on how I wanted Fire to go but I didn't do any writing on it..

Well, I did do some writing though. I wrote a part of Beginnings which tells how Sara got her gift and learned how to use it. There's going to be a least 3 parts to Beginnings. The first rough draft of which is now up on this blog. I wrote it in two days and let me repeat--it's just the rough draft of part 1.

 See  Beginnings Part 1 in Pages below and to the right under IndieGoGo and my books' word counts. 

I played with again and did this up for Beginnings. What do you think?

Part 1 of Beginnings is called Meetings and the second Part will be Explanations.

 Once they're all done I might put all three Beginnings stories together in a ebook for Kindle.  After I edit them, of course.  Meanwhile I need to work on Fire.

I also haven't forgotten about the Florida novelette where Nick and Sara get to know each other, even though a murder interrupts their time together. It's three pages in so far.

As you can see I'm also trying IndieGoGo.  I hope to raise something so I can publish Fire using the same publisher I did before for Earth.

I saw someone did KU with my book. Thank you. If you're unsure about buying my book or any other book, you should try Kindle Unlimited or the Kindle lending library. It is well worth the small monthly fee.

If you have not read my book, please think about doing so. And if you have read it, please review.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

GoFundMe Book funding

As you can see I'm trying GoFundMe.  People talk about it so I wanted to see if it works.

I plan to use anything I get to pay costs of publishing the rest of my books and getting a website for my series. Ink and paper is really sucking me dry.

When I finish a chapter, I print two, three copies and have my two readers go over it while I make corrections as well. It insures that I didn't forget anything while I wrote. Sometimes my brain is ahead of my fingers and I forget something.

I'm still at Chapter 3 on Fire. I only have about 4 pages to go though to end the chapter so it won't be long. Unless I get stuck again. :)

Vampires changed the world when they came forward. Besides the fact that they existed, they brought many scientific discoveries with them to the human government  which changed the way humans viewed the world. One of which was that psychic powers were real as vampires were empaths themselves...

Fire actually will have two crimes solved by the end because a certain death was misidentified as a suicide and it will be explained along with the fires.  Though not as one would expect.


I changed up the cover a bit. What do you think?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

After Sale update

The 99 cent kindle sale is over.  Back to $2.99. 

It's well worth the price even if I say so myself. :)

My sales did go up a little the day I did the promo which was the first day of the 99 cents sale. I might try another promo later. Maybe when I can lower the kindle price again.

Those of you who bought on Kindle or borrowed with KU please review on Amazon. Reviews are a writer's bread and butter.

I'm almost finished with chapter 3 of Fire. I added a little romance in the middle and I'll add a bit at the end. After all Nick and Sara are engaged. :)

According to vampire law they are already mated/ bonded but both Sara and vampires believe in courtship, long courtship in vampires' case. Formal bonding or marriage is the goal but not required for vampires since male vampires cannot cheat on their mates.

This is the cover I did on for Fire. The inverted triangle is the symbol for fire and the flame is self-explanatory...What do you think?

Should the book be brown like Earth with red triangle/ yellow flame to add consistency?

I like it the way it is but it might look good on brown....

Again thanks to all who bought my Earth book in support of this first time Author.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sale, Sale, Sale!

99 cent sale!

 Get your red hot download!

 If you were thinking about reading it now's the time. The kindle version of my Earth book is on sale for 99 cents June 20, 21, & 22 then goes up to $1.99 until June 26 when it goes back to the regular price of $2.99.

Fire is in Chapt 3 still, but half way through. I already mentioned the arsonist/ killer and a motive. As I said in a previous blog there's a twist and it has to do with multiple personalities....

That's a serious spoiler.

I played around on a site called It has free graphics. I made a cover for Fire Walker, but I don't know if I'll use it when I publish the book. I have a different cover in mind but you never know.

The book signing last Saturday went well. I signed three books and talked to several people. We're thinking about having another on in the fall. We'll see.

Two more people borrowed my book through Kindle Unlimited so three altogether. KU is worth the monthly fee so join and borrow to your heart's content. :)

The two promos are to start today. The 99 cent deal has started as you can see, but I don't know about the other. Guess I'll find out later--if my sales go up. :)

Again thanks to all who got my book and please review. Reviews are the writer's bread and butter!

Friday, June 12, 2015


Chapter 2 is done!

I'm finally out of chapt 2 and I wrote a whole page in chapt 3 in Fire.  I also completed the blurb of Fire.

Police Consultant Sara Phillips reads the earth like a medium hears the dead. When suspicious fires break out in a rural community that match a strange blaze that took an FBI agent's life, Sara and her FBI boyfriend Nick Issaro investigate. Over the next few days Nick and Sara piece together the case and discover the arsonist's deadly secret--a secret so unusual that it defies belief. Will they both survive or will one of them go up in flames?

What do you think?

Still sticking with Fire Walker as the title. Unless y'all have a better suggestion....

One person borrowed Earth on Kindle Unlimited. It's free on KU so if you're interested, go for it.

Tomorrow's the book signing at the Library Center on Campbell from 11am to 2pm.  I only got a few of my book's so it literally will be-first come, first served.  :)

The promo is set for my Earth book from June 19th to June 26th.  So that's done. More about that later.

I plan to take my computer with me to the book signing so I can work on Fire during any lulls. Only 6 months left 'til January and I want this book done so I can work on Water and Air for Jano.  And I want to publish Fire by May of 2016.  A book a year is what I'm going for.

Book 5 Aether is still just a vague outline, but Water and Air have been thought out past the outline stage though I only have the outline in my head for now. Water has about 6 pages done and Air just the first in the computer. I started a book bible on both, but neither has much in it right now.  After all I'm mainly a pantser and work on the fly. :)

Again those of you who got my Earth book, thank you and please review. I want to hear your opinions.

Monday, June 8, 2015

June update

Springfield Writer's Guild is having a book signing at the Library Center on Campbell Saturday June13 from 11am to 2pm. I'm going to be there with a few of my books to sell. If you're going to be in town that day stop on by. I'd love to see you. :)

I'm still in chapter 2 on Fire but I wrote a page yesterday and a paragraph this morning. I think I'm over the hump. Tomorrow is my day off and I plan to work on the book. I already got ideas for chapter 3 running through my head so I should finish it quickly. But then I thought that about chapter 2...

If you want a taste of Fire, click on teaser 2. It's the rough draft of the first pages of the book.

According to amazon I've sold 8 kindle and 2 hard copies of my Earth book. Yesss!

I ordered a deal with the promo group so we'll see if sales pick up after it starts.

After the 19th I also set up a special sales price with Amazon. So those of you who were debating getting the kindle version of my book can get it at a lower price between the 20th and the 27th. I'll announce the sales price promo closer to time. Just wanted to tell ya it's in the works. :)

Those of you who bought my book, Thank you. I hope you liked it and will review on Amazon.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Book Link

I fix the book link on the cover pix.

At least I think I did. :)

 I guess it didn't save when I attached it. It should take you to my book's amazon page.

Fire is still in chapter two. I just can' t seem to sit down and work on it. I stare at the page and something from further on in the book flitters across my mind but I push it away. So I don't get anything done. I only got seven months to get it done before Jano.

I did do a page on the Florida getaway...

There's a promo group that does social media promotions which only cost a very minimum amount. I think I'll do one of their deals next week after I get some money. I need exposure so I think this is a good way to do it.  After all I've been doing FB promo groups and nothing seems to be happening. So ain't no harm to try a different track.

I hope those of you who have read my book, enjoyed it and will review.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Slow going

Both versions of my book are out now.

I sold a few kindle on amazon and a few hard copies personally. Now all I need are reviews.  :)

The kindle version of my book is on both Kindle Unlimited and in Kindle Owner Lending Library so if you want a free taste (or should that be the whole shebang :) ), go for it.  

I still haven't got past chapter two on Fire. I plan to work on it tonight, get at least a page done.  That's the plan from now on: to get at least a page a night. 

Two of the Facebook pages have accepted me, but I'm still pending on some more. I need the exposure to readers and other writers.

It's slow going, but I expected that. After all, I'm a new writer and nobody knows me. I write my books in what I call the movie style. It's as if I'm seeing a movie unfold before my eyes. The story is brisk, fast paced, and full of dialog.  Flowery language is not for me. :)

I hope you will try my book and tell me what you think, either here or through a review on amazon. I want to improve my next book so you the reader will enjoy it more.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Books, books

Well, I got the few hard copies I ordered.

I put two in BookMarx which is a bookstore downtown, just a few blocks from where I live.  I also put one book in the library system.   Hopefully, both will give me exposure.

My neighbor bought one. And the publisher took one. A couple of people pre-ordered the Kindle version.

Oh, I changed the date for the Kindle. It's May 14th now instead of the 22nd.

I've been reading fanfiction at night instead of working on Fire. I'm just so addicted. I know I need to get going on Fire but if I run across a good fanfiction I read it instead. I did work on Fire's book bible the other night since there was only a short fanfiction to read so at least I did something.  :)

I sent requests to a few groups on Facebook that have to do with fantasy readers and writers. I'm still pending on them...

I just so excited that I got my book published. I've wanted to write since I was a kid and never finished a book. New ideas always sidetracked me. I've got like 40 books started, but this is the first I finished.  And now it's published.

I was thinking about writing a short story about the Florida vacation my characters take and put it here as a thank you to those who follow me.  What do you think? Would you like that?

P.S.  Don't forget Teaser 1 gives you a rough taste of my book.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Book is out!

The hard copy of my book is out!

The Kindle version is still on pre-order 'il May 22.

Below is the link:

I'm so excited. I got my first book published!

Fire is still in chapter two of course.  I need to get in gear.

Laundry is sooo boring. I just put my wash in the dryer so maybe I'll work on Fire while the dryer is running.

Or I'll read one of my downloaded fanfiction.  I am so addicted to them.

Well, my stomach's growling so I think a snack should be first. :)

I'll write another entry in a few days.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May is here!

17 days 'til my book is out!

The beta readers have returned their review and the corrections have been uploaded. It's ready as it'll ever be. I've ordered a few books to start.  Hopefully, others will order as well when it comes out.  I don't want to be the only one to order any. :)

I'm thinking about doing a give away. I thought if people did reviews on amazon then I'd put them in a drawing for a  XL t-shirt that has the book's cover symbol. What do you think?

Fire is still in chapter two. I totally didn't work on it the last two days. I've been reading other things instead of working on my second book. There's seven months left in the year and I plan to have Fire done by January so I can work on Water during Jano.  Best get myself in gear!

But seriously what do you think about doing a drawing?

 That's what's on my mind right now.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


24 more days 'til my book is out!

That is if I get everything done in time.

I got my proof and I think the cover looks great. Just like I wanted it. Simple and sharp. My aunt thinks a matte finish would be better to bring the texture out, but I think it looks fine the way it is. I got to go through the book now and mark any booboos. :)

My aunt read the proof and said she enjoyed it. Now if I can get others to read the book and post reviews like that when it comes out...   :)

Another page was added to Fire. I'm working on it at night before I go to bed so I'm only getting a little done at a time. I'm a pantser for the most part, but I have certain scenes already in my head. Getting to those scenes is where I'm the pantser.

My cat just crawled into my lap. I think he's tired of me looking at the computer. :)

I'll write more in a few days.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April Update

My book's on pre-order for kindle on Amazon!

At Amazon, type in Earth Reader and my last name and it comes right up.

I should be getting the poof by the end of the week so I can look it over. I hope it looks as good as I think it does from the picture.

The back cover:

Police consultant Sara Phillips reads the earth like a medium hears the dead. When a killer’s dump site is discovered, the FBI are called in, but the lead agent Nick Issaro, who has a secret of his own, seems more interested in Sara than the dead bodies.

While they work the case their attraction for each other grows. This puts both of their lives in danger when the killer develops a strange attachment to Sara.

Will they both live through the ordeal, or will the killer win the hand he deals them?

 Good, yes?

I wrote a bit more on Fire. I need to knuckle down and work on it. I want to have it done this year.

The fire starter can't burn Sara because of her gift, but...I still haven't figured out how Sara's boyfriend doesn't get fried by the fire starter. Vampires have a connection to the earth and they heal incredibly fast but physically they're just as vulnerable to fire as normal humans.  The fire starter 'excites' molecules and causes them to burn. Perhaps Sara distracts the fire starter and the feedback causes the fire starter to burn or at least short circuits him/her a bit. That would give Sara's boyfriend time to act.

What do you think?  Do you have another idea?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April status

Well, I finished the corrections and sent Earth Reader back to publisher.  May's coming up fast. I want it on Kindle pre-order so those that have Reader's can get it immediately once it's pubbed.

I only did a few more words on Fire. I'm still thinking about the fire starter explanation. 

A friend said there's a disease that causes one to burn from the inside out-- it causes toxic epidermal necrolysis which is the skin peeling away and infection setting in.

So not what I want.

While the body is mostly water it is still comprised of possibly flammable chemicals. I read that the metabolic molecule acetyl-CoA (aka acetone) is a natural accelerant and readily available in the body.  But it needs an igniter...

So I decided my igniter is going to be the fire starter 'exciting' the molecules with his mind, causing the heat that ignites the molecules and voila SHC!

Most scientists usually credit alleged Spontaneous Human Combustion to the "wick effect," by which an external ignition source -- clothes or hair ignited by say a cigarette -- acts as a wick that splits the skin, exposing the highly flammable subcutaneous body fat, which burns madly, shooting out flames that split more skin, exposing more fat, which burns madly. ETC.

Now I got to figure out how my earth reader's vampire boyfriend is going to help defeat the fire starter without going up in flames. :)

Any ideas on That?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

End of March Status

I'm almost done with the corrections on Earth. I've been side tracked by life, but I'll get them done by the weekend. That's my goal.

Fire's still in chapter two. I only wrote a few words. I'm still refining the kill method. The killer's a fire starter, but that's separate from the voice part. The voice part gives the killer control of fire--Most of the time a fire starter is also a voice, but a voice doesn't have to be a fire starter.

I have to give a 'logical' mental power--like the killer causes the body temp to rise fast and dangerously high, causing the victim to burn or the killer 'excites' the atoms in the body, causing an explosion/fire. Either way heat has to be generated to the point where they burn...

 I ain't sure which I like better.

What do you think? Or is there another explanation? Please comment below...I really want to know your thoughts on this.

Water--drowning, obviously. Saw an article about a crew thrown overboard tied to an anchor years ago. So bodies anchored to the sea/ocean bed, but drowned in fresh water...

As you can see I changed Water's name again. Water Ferrier as in the Ferryman of the river Styx. I'll have to think of a cover for it since I can't use the one I thought of before. But it goes along better with the storyline, as to why the killer does what he does.

Air or Wind Whisperer is easy enough--suck out the air. Explosive decompression or suffocating on their own carbon dioxide for cause of death. I can use both depending on circumstances. Control of the air/wind currents, etc. Still letting the storyline percolate...

I'm still not sure how I want Aether to go. The last of a story arc or the beginning of a new one. I still have time to decide that though.

Well, that's the status so far...

Remember end of May-- Earth Reader!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Next Step

 First off, I got my story back.  So I'm going through and making corrections. Once I get Earth reviewed, I'll spend more time on Fire. Getting Earth out is top priority right now. May will be here before we know it.

That's not to say I haven't worked on Fire. I did do another page of Fire. I also read an article on spontaneous combustion since that theory is brought up. I guess in a way it is spontaneous combustion though the murders are caused by a true fire starter...

Water's basic outline is set, but with Air I only got the mode of killing so far.  I'm letting them percolate. 

 I've also figured out the name of the killer for Fire--'fiery twin'. It's perfectly appropriate.  If you were to look up the killer's name in Earth, you'd see it is appropriate for him. Would these bits be considered Spoilers..?  :)

I got an idea for Fire's cover now, but still nothing for Air or Aether yet.

What symbol would you use for Wind Whisperer?.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Elemental Voice Series

I decided to call this series The Elemental Voice.

After all Sara is a 'Voice'. 

I had some cards made up with the symbols to go along with this series. None of the titles are on it since those are always subject to change... :)

Speaking of change--Water Scale or Water Weigher? Weigher goes better with the others but...

What do you think?

 I have a picture in mind for Water's cover, but not Fire's or Air's yet.

Fire's still in chapter two but I wrote a few pages so it's moving along. I still like the multiple personality angle, but I think I'll add a bit of a twist to that as well. :)

 It might be a 'predictable' twist so to speak though....

Earth is still with the editor. I'll be getting it back soon, then I'll have to make some changes before it goes to the next step.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Book Cover

Well, as you can see I got a book cover.  :)

So What do you think?

The upside down triangle with the line thru the bottom is the symbol for Earth and the figure reminds me of a diviner who is a person who 'reads' the earth so to speak. So I thought both would be perfect for the book.  Green is the color associated with earth (though most think brown is).

I sent my book off to the publisher so all I got to do now is wait.


Police consultant Sara Phillips reads the earth like a medium hears the dead. When a dump site is discovered, the FBI are called in, but the lead agent Nick Issaro who has a secret of his own seems more interested in Sara than the dead bodies. As they work the case, an attraction grows between them which puts both their lives in danger when the killer also develops a strange attachment to Sara.

Like it?

Fire is into chapter two still. I haven't worked on it much since I was editing Earth. I need to work on it and Water. Got to get crackin'  if I plan to have at least one of them done this year.   I want to finish at least one book a year for the next four years until I get this series done.  Or at least finish the books I have in my head. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

What's new

I talked with Sharon Holmes and we tentatively set a date to publish my first book Earth Reader.

May 22nd.

I had a car accident and they totaled my car so I got a bit of money. After doing some repairs I still had a small bit left so I decided to self-pub. Sharon was gracious enough to say yes. :)

Life has a way of doing the unexpected.

Anyway, I'm going thru my book. I hope to have my editing done before the end of the month so I can send it off for the official editing. I've done eight chapters so far so that makes twelve to go. I plan to do at least one chapter a night.

I still need titles for Air and Aether. I'm going with Fire Walker and Water Scale for the next two. I'm working on chapter two of Fire and am still on chapter one with Water. Air is just past the first paragraph. Aether is still being thought out. I ain't sure how I want it to go.

I plan to update at each step of the pub either here or on FB or both--depending on my mood.

That's the status so far.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

After Jano Party and status

Well, Jano is over. I barely made the 10,000 word mark. I was sick then I had a car accident so I just made the minimum.  We had the party last night at the diamond room on Grand and voted on four categories: best title, unique name, best first paragraph, and best blurb.

I got first place for best blurb and second for best first paragraph. Teaser 3 has both of them. Go and look.

During Jano I wrote in a doc scenes that came to me, then I cut and pasted some of the scenes to the corresponding book they needed to go to. The first of this month the drive I saved the doc to fell out of my backpack at the library and so I don't have it now. At least that's what I think happened to it. I had it when I went to the library, but when I got home and looked for it I couldn't find it.  I'm going to have to re-write everything that I didn't cut and paste, if I can remember everything that is. :)

I got the first chapter of Fire Walker done and a page of chapter two done so far. Part of chapter one of Water Scale is done as well as the first paragraph of Wind Power. I still am thinking about the titles to my stories, especially for Air and Aether.

Do you have any Ideas for them?
Preferably something to do with judgment and the element like Water Scale.

So far my books are in this sequence--Earth Reader, Fire Walker, Water Scale, Air(Wind Power?) and Aether. 

I'm talking to Sharon Holmes about self-pub so I might be getting my book out this year, That is one of my resolutions for this year. 

So I guess I should get back to editing....

Sunday, January 11, 2015

the new year

Jano has started.

 In case you haven't read my blog last year when it started, it is January Novel writing month where you have 31 days to write a 50,000 word or more novel.  When it's over we have a party and give out rewards for things like best first paragraph and best name.

It's eleven days in and I only have under 2000 words.

I got a reply back from the editor I sent my first book to. My first Rejection. Yeah!

At least I got good constructive criticism. After Jano I'll look into redoing Earth. But I might just edit it a little and self-publish. As I said I'll think on that after Jano.

I plan to finish the second book this year, maybe even during Jano if I get my self in gear.

Wish me luck.

Good writing to my fellow Jano writers!