Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Little X-mas Gift

Merry Christmas everyone!

I decided to give a little taste of the second book as a christmas gift to everyone. the first two pages under teaser 2.  I'm almost done with chapter one. I'll be working on this book and the next one during Jano.


Saturday, December 6, 2014

End of year status report.

I've been lazed in writing my blog. I didn't realized how much until I looked here.

I went to the ORA conference in September and got a request for my book. I finally sent it last week. I had to do a synopsis and write a brief letter. If I don't hear back from them in three weeks I'm talking to Sharon Holmes about self-publishing...

Fire, the next book in the series, is six pages in now (A little over 1500 words) instead of just two. I did the two pages during Jano while I was doing Earth. Fire Walker is the tentative title for it right now. Fire Balance and Fire Gage are other contenders. Which do you like?

This book is about a fire starter, a person who is connected to the fire element, much like Sara is connected to the Earth element, killing people with his gift. It allows him/her to control fire with his/her will. I'm messing around with the idea of either twins or multiple personalities...

Multiple personalities is winning. :)

Then there is Nick and Sara's wedding plans...

So the end of year status is one book down, and four more to go. Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Aether.
And a manuscript sent off.