Sunday, August 3, 2014

Earth Book Status

Well, I just finished chapter 16.  I've killed the bad guy off and sent the heroine to the hotel. And you all know what happens in hotels (LOL).

Sex and Murder.

Anyway, Chapter 17 has one of them and a little surprise to it so...

Chapter 18 will close up the case and send the protags on their way. So Chapter 18 is the last chapter and I'll officially be finished with my first draft of my book. Of course then comes the editing.

Once I'm finished I'm sending the first three chapters to someone to look over. I had already sent them the first chapter ages ago and made changes.  I edit as I go. I guarentee that for every line I have, I wrote three and changed it until it was only one. I don't like to babble on when it comes to my book so I try to cut down on how much I write. In doing that though I take out a lot of stuff that others may want to know. But I hate being too wordy. I'm not a literary fiction writer!  I like short and sweet.

Anyway, I'm almost done. Just two chapters and I'm done!

Oh, I sold two of my T-shirts with the book's cover on them. One of the aides that comes here at my highrise to take Blood Pressure readings saw my shirt and liked it.  She bought two.  I gave away another one as a door prize and I have another person thinking about buying one. Once I get my book published, I may use the rest as table/door prizes of my own as promotion.

So two chapters to go. YES> YES


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