Saturday, March 1, 2014

What's happening so far...

First--status report: I've finished chapter 13 of my Earth book and started on 14. I plan to write 4 more chapters to finish the book. I hope to be done before the end of this month if I stay on schedule and write every night. 

The killer is leading them on a chase to his past where a secret is reveal.

Second--I'm giving away T-shirts with my book's proposed cover art for donations of $20 or more towards the cost of printing my book. The art is an elemental symbol for earth with a sand-painting like stick figure that reminds me of a douser, one who essentially 'reads' the earth.  

Third--Once I'm done with my book, I'll need a few beta readers. Interested?

I edit my book as I go along. I finish a chapter and re-read it, making changes before I move on to the next chapter. However, I'm terrible at spelling and run-on sentences. Also when I write, I tell the story mainly through dialogue.  I'd like someone to read the book all the way through though and tell me about it as a whole as well as correct my minor errors. :) 

I think that's all for now. I really should be working on my book, not procastinating with this blog/ :)

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