Saturday, February 8, 2014

Jano & book status

JANO is over.  I managed 14,384 words, even though I was sick most of the month.  First strep-throat, then a cold, then sinuses acting up.  I was hoping to make at least 15,000, but maybe next year I can make it to 25,000 words or even the 50,000 words. 

The Jano Party was tonight. There were two books and a little gift bag at each seat. We ate, then got down to the contests.  I got second place in the best first sentence contest. It was the first sentence of the Fire book which I wrote on as well as the Earth book during JANO.

"The arson scene before Sara Phillips gave the words 'crispy critters' a whole new meaning."

I decided to call the Earth book, Earth's Cipher. Knowing me I'll probably change it again but I like it for now. I still like Earth Reader as well so...Anyway, Earth has 37,330 words and Fire only has 272 words--mainly the first page. I also wrote a scene for Water which I took to one of my book clubs and they said it needed a hook, but they loved the relationship between the characters.  So I'm 12 chapters and 148 pages into Earth book, and I just revealed the killer, but he's disappeared.  More chapters to come. 

Here is the blurb I did when I first started Earth.

Bodies with an unusual method of killing have been unearthed in a small town, and Sara Phillips is called in to consult by the local sheriff.  The FBI had shown up and claim there are others.  During the joint investigation, Death stalks Sara herself before the killer is revealed.  This discovery leads to the information that the killer and Sara have something in common.  Something which led them down the path they were now on.

As you can see it's a bit vague, but sums up the basic story idea I had when I first concieved Sara's gift and her use of it.  I figure to use the basic concept of unusual deaths to led the investigators into the story, using the four elements to start with, then perhaps still using the unusual death angle continue on. 

But of course I got to finish my first book. So I best finish this blog and get to writing on my story. 

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