Thursday, December 19, 2013

End of Year Status

Well, it's December, the end of the year. So I guess I should update before the New Year.

The Earth book is coming along. Chapter six is finish and I'm into Chapter seven. I hit 20,000 words so I'm definitely making progress.  JANO will probably see the end of this book since I plan to write on this book during it.

I'm up to date on memberships to all three of the writing groups in town so I'm starting the New Year with something new and educational. 

My friend returned the first five chapters of the Earth book and said she enjoyed it.  She said that I didn't give away too many clues. A clue a chapter is what she says I should do and asked if I introduced the killer yet. I told her no since he gets intro'd in Chapter Seven with a red herring. 

Another teaser!

Anyway, this has been a fairly good year, though there has been bumps in the road. 

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

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