Friday, November 8, 2013

Word Count Dulldrums

I'm not officially doing Nano, but I sit down at my computer every day to work on my story. I've only got 2,000 words done because RL(real life) likes to mess with me.  Thursdays I'm lucky to get 100 words done as I have prior committments, but I've been averaging about 300 words a night or one page a night since November started. I type a scene and then my brain goes blank.  Other thoughts intrude on my writting time and it's making me nuts!

Short trip I know. :)

I even got my brain food; peach rings.

I decided last night to forgo looking at my screen, and I went to play bingo since I had a free play certificate. I didn't win anything off the bingo play but I had fun, and I relaxed.  Thinking about how far behind I was on my word count was making me tense.  I'm not going to worry about how far behind I am, but think about getting closer to finishing my book.  I want to have it finished by the end of the month, but as long as it's done before JANO, I'm going to be happy. I want to start fresh for JANO.

I've decided as long as I write something, I'm not going to stress. It's the journey, not always the destination, that makes the effort worthwhile.  You learn things about yourself as you strive.

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