Thursday, November 28, 2013

Status report on Earth book

The earth book is the one with the vampire FBI agent and the earth reading consultant.  I have finished five chapters so far and am almost done with the sixth chapter. I just have to figure out how I want to end the chapter. Of course, I already know how I want the next chapter to start. 

I had a friend read the third chapter and she figured out what clue I was leaving so that was good.   However, I don't know if I'm leaving too many clues too early or not.  That's the thing with mysteries, you can't be sure if you're leaving breadcrumbs or tire treads. :)  At least I can't as this is my first mystery, and I already know the ending!

I added a stalker to the story to mix things up a bit, and even though the characters know the stalker isn't the killer, evidence leads to him.  So is the killer using the stalker to try to throw them off or does he have something else in mind?

That's a spoiler, ain't it? ;)

Thought I'd tease you a bit.  

I still plan to get this book done with in the next three to four months. Hopefully by JANO, or I might have to work on it during JANO. I only got 3500 words so far during November.  I write a page or two, and then my attention wanders to future chapters instead of staying in the one I'm working on. My ADD strikes again, and being a pantser doesn't help either! 

I have given the five chapters I have done to a friend who has published a book, and asked her to give me a review of what I have done. Hopefully, I haven't given away too much of the clues, and she'll tell me straight what she thinks.  I took part of the one chapter in to one of my writing groups, and they said it was interesting. I'm taking that as a good sign. :)  

So status report on book: five chapters down, one almost done, and more to go.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Word Count Dulldrums

I'm not officially doing Nano, but I sit down at my computer every day to work on my story. I've only got 2,000 words done because RL(real life) likes to mess with me.  Thursdays I'm lucky to get 100 words done as I have prior committments, but I've been averaging about 300 words a night or one page a night since November started. I type a scene and then my brain goes blank.  Other thoughts intrude on my writting time and it's making me nuts!

Short trip I know. :)

I even got my brain food; peach rings.

I decided last night to forgo looking at my screen, and I went to play bingo since I had a free play certificate. I didn't win anything off the bingo play but I had fun, and I relaxed.  Thinking about how far behind I was on my word count was making me tense.  I'm not going to worry about how far behind I am, but think about getting closer to finishing my book.  I want to have it finished by the end of the month, but as long as it's done before JANO, I'm going to be happy. I want to start fresh for JANO.

I've decided as long as I write something, I'm not going to stress. It's the journey, not always the destination, that makes the effort worthwhile.  You learn things about yourself as you strive.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Criticism is something I have a problem not getting defensive about. Most of my life there have been a lot of people who put me down, dismissing my work, good and bad, and not giving me credit.  Once you're told you are worthless enough times, you start to believe it. 

My fantasy worlds are my therapy.  They keep me sane in a chaotic world.

I have decided to finish at least a few of my books, and to publish them.  Criticism is a part of process of getting my book ready for publishing, but it is hard for me to accept.  I know that other people may have more experience with the publishing process and can help me get my book closer to publishing.  I'm a far worse critic then they ever will be, yet it hurts more when someone else is critical of my work.  I guess because it makes me think that all the criticism I give myself is true, and no one will want to read my book if and when I finish it. I try to tell myself that I'm just reacting to all the negativity that others had put on me growing up, and that others have probably felt the same way, but that doesn't always work. 

I took some of the pages of my earth story into a critique group. Chapter 2 to be exact, since I felt it was unfinished. They agreed. It sounded like they thought it was good, but needed some work. I know I do run on sentences alot. Stream of consciousness thinking leads to run on sentences in my work, though I do edit myself to the extreme. I'm sure I was defensive when they talked to me, but I was so nervous that I don't remember.  I get nervous because I think the work I show is not good enough, and people will hate it, thus I get defensive. It's a vicious cycle for me.

I'm trying to be more open-minded and accepting to criticism. If I seem defensive I'm sorry and I'll try to better next time.  That's all we can ask for, isn't it?  To do better the next time?