Tuesday, October 8, 2013

First Blog

I'm not sure what I should write for my first blog so I'll probably just ramble along. I've joined the three writer's groups that are here in Springfield: Ozark Romance Authors, Sleuth's Inc, and Springfield Writer's Guild.  Writing's been a dream of mine since I was a teen and I have started several books. A chapter would get done and an idea for another book would distract me. And I'd be off on another book. So I have first chapters on several books, but few second or third chapters. My ADHD kept me from being able to sit for long periods of time, and concentrating on just one thing for more than minutes at a time. Getting even a chapter done when I was a teen was a major accomplishment. As I grew older I learned to overcome that problem.  I still have ADD, but I can concentrate for longer periods of time now.

I started putting my stories in my computer a few years ago. A few pages would go in and I'd correct typos as I went as well as editing sentences.  I realized that I had over thirty stories started; some with outlines, others with just a few sentences explaining the story.  So I decided I should pick two stories and work solely on them. Work on one until I hit a road block, then switch to the other until I can move past the road block. I picked two 'newer' stories, stories I had started in the last year.  Both were from dreams I had and are vivid in my mind so I figured I would stick with them more readily.  Not to mention, my older stories are all Sci-Fi fantasy, and not all in the computer yet.  

Sleuth, Inc has a contest due this month that starts with the words "You tell him or I will". I wrote a paragraph, but haven't continued. I'm trying to figure it out to where it's in the 1000 word limit.  When I write something with a limit it always goes over so I'm trying to work it out in my head first to pare down to the minimum I need. Hopefully, I'll get it in on time. I love mysteries with surprise endings so that's what I'm trying for.

I need to bear down and get serious with my writting. All these books in my head need to come out and get written, not linger in my subconscious and dreams.  I see scenes in my mind like a movie playing in my head.  A friend said that I should write my book as if it was a movie, then go back a add more if I needed to.  However, when I get done with a chapter, I immediately want a critique and editing done. I start on the next chapter but the last chapter is still in my head until I get a critique.  That's another reason I have few second or third chapters, I'm too busy critiquing!  I think I have a touch of OCD!

Anyway, I think I should finish this blog here. I've rambled enough for today I think.


  1. Welcome to all of the groups! I have many of those partials as well so understand your point of view.

    A tip on the Sleuth's contest. Just write what you want to write. You can't edit what is not written. Once you have the story down, cut the words 'it' and 'had' and that alone should bring you closer into your word count. Good Luck!

  2. Thanks for the reminder about the contest story. MUST get busy on mine. I have trouble concentrating on one thing until it's done. I tend to jump from story to story. Maybe I have ADHD. Or whatever it's called.