Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Books I'm working on

My first post looked lonely so I decided to give it a companion. Actually I wanted some feedback on my stories so another post was inevitable. Besides writers like to write or we wouldn't be writers, right? Also I don't know the rules to these blogs, how long does one wait before doing another blog anyway?

As I stated in my first blog, I'm working on two books. Both I concider fantasy, though the one could be concidered paranormal suspense as another writer told me since it has vampires and shaman/witches.

The main one I'm working on is temporarily titled Earth since one of the main characters can 'read' the earth.
She puts her hand on the ground and either hears a voice telling her what happen on that piece of land or she gets a burst of emotions/thoughts.  Sort of like a shaman/druid gets feelings/directions from nature, only in this story shamen have all four elements of nature(fire, earth, water, air) while she only has earth.  For the last ten years she has been a consultant for the sheriff's department and helped him find bodies and missing persons.  The FBI have come to town because two bodies were found by the sheriff that matched a few that were found in two other states, and the sheriff calls on her to check the area out to ensure there are no more bodies.  One of the FBI agents is a vampire, though these vampires are not your typical vamps. For one they've been living openly beside humans for over a hundred years and physically you can't tell the difference between a vamp and a human. Also they are not immortal, though they live a long time, and most are born vampires.  The earth reader and the vampire work together to solve the murders. There's some romance thrown in as well.

My second story is a dragon book, though you don't see the dragon for awhile. The society is sort of Greekish/Romaneque Sword and sorcery.  There are four types of people in this world, the Denea who are brutish and muscular, Aiken who are blond and slim, the old race who are dark-haired and stout, and the Dragons who are secretative and can appear as anything they like. Two slaves, one Aiken, one old race, escape from their master and become servants to a Dragon.  The Denean master tries to get them back since he promised the Aiken who was the son of the fall Aiken king to a Aiken militant, but fails.  So the Aiken militant tries and also fails, but he doesn't give up.  He keeps trying and angers the Dragon who then appears as the Aiken king.

I have three chapters done on the first book and working on the fourth.  The second story only has one chapter done and part of the second as I only work on it if I get stuck on something in the first book until I can fix the stuck part.  I have at least thirty books started, twenty of which are in my computer at this time, but these are the ones I'm concentrating on right now until I get them done. There's another one that I started this year that I get flashes of, but I don't know if I should make it my stuck story and leave the dragon book for another time or continue, or work on three books and see which one gets done first.

See my ADD again!

The third book is SCIFI. It has nanites, living computers, a collective mind, and alien species.  An alien alliance against the human government who thinks humans are superior.  A lone human on the side of the aliens with the protection of said aliens.  What do you think?

Anyway, I think I'll end here and see if anyone responds or looks at my ramblings.


  1. They sound interesting. Good luck,

  2. I'm not a sci-fi/ fantasy reader, but I especially like the concept of the first book. Though both sound as if you have lots to play with. Good Luck and Keep Writing!

    1. The concept of the first book came from a dream I had two nights in a row. Since my subconscious was enamored by it I figured I'd stick with it, and so far I have.

  3. Sounds like you've got a lot going on in your stories. I'm not big on vampire books, but wish you the best with them. Seems to be the "in" thing now, and people are doing really well with them. Great blog, by the way.